Monday, July 7, 2014

Harrison Howard's Chinoiserie Art for Caspari

One of my favorite artists of all time, Harrison Howard, now has one of his Chinoiserie themed paintings featured on a new line of paper goods from Caspari. "Garden Folly" is a perfect choice for the plates, napkins, place cards and more which are offered in this new summer selection.The perfectly executed, yet oh so whimsical details will take your breath away.

Harrison is renowned for his intricate works of art which include The Flower Lady,  Shells,  and the Chinoiseries Series. His murals and wall panels are well known in Southern California (he lives in the Point Loma area of San Diego) as well as throughout the world as his client list is stellar.

Please enjoy some of his works of art featured here and then visit his website, to peruse and learn more about this exptemely talented artist. Even one of his paintings or lithographs will be stunning in any room of your home, although in pairs they make a very dramatic statement.

The Architect

Rendezvous at Night

According to Harrison, on his paintings, " They are the product of numerous other influences as well, including many of the things surrounding me in everyday life, and extending to a passion for many areas of the decorative arts, such as the fanciful Chinoiserie designs of the 18th century Frenchman, Jean Pillement. In particular, I would acknowledge the countless other artists through the ages, too numerous too mention here, whose work has electrified my imagination. My pictures are aimed at the fundamental pleasure that almost all of us take in imaginative and quirky ideas."

Yellow Tree Snails and Red Coral

The Seahorse

Assortment of boxed Note Cards

The Blue and White Pavillion

Harrison's  new Garden Folly line can be purchased directly from Caspari online or found at your better gift shops which carry Caspari paper goods. His works of art and contact information for Harrison Howard are located at his site and also at Tiger Flower Studio  

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Pigtown*Design said...


Carolina Elizabeth said...

These are SO much fun to see. My favorite is Rendezvous at Night, but I am grateful that you shared all of them. Thank you. Carolina

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Vibrant and cheerful. Lovely!

Lisa Mende Design said...

Love these! Fabulous!!!

Lynne Rutter said...

Congratulations Howard!! This is great news for all of us.

MJH DesignArts said...

Hi Karena, These paper goods are fantastic. I'm working on a large pair of Chinoiserie pagodas--we'll see how they turn out. xoxo Mary

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

very fun and unique! Have a great week Karena! xo Nancy

Annechovie said...

I am so excited to see more of Harrison's work available in a new form. Caspari made a great choice with him. He is as nice a person as he is a talented artist! Congratulations, Harrison!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Karena, How are you fée long m'y dear friend.
I love the Rendezvous at Night and the SeaHorse :)
I've seen where the decorative napkins in these similar designs have be deccpoged to piece of furniture that has a door panel, even the gift wrapping papers were used and when done and aged with a antiquing glaze and sealed up for lasting beauty they looked amazing almost a good as the high end hand made paper wallpapers.

Another beautiful post from you my dear.
See you soon.


Ps. I hope you have been able to relax now that you are home.

Burlap Luxe said...
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Burlap Luxe said...

Ooop's darn that spell check...

I wanted to ask, How are you feeling my dear friend?


Monday, July 07, 2014

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

So pretty! I love the snail/coral and seahorse ones!

Segreto Secrets said...

So beautiful!! Hope you are doing well! xo

La Contessa said...

Truly loverly.......and he lives in my STATE!The colors are stunning.I will look for them when i am out and about!Thanks for the great tip!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Karena! LOVELY share this morning with the brightest of colors and also muted grace in antiqued perfection. My dear, I just read your comment on my post; this means you will not be participating? I am so sorry to hear you can't. I understand. It's not too difficult; you just would come up with a post celebrating a part of Europe you'd love to share, and it could be on the art. But I know. I will take your name off the list. Thank you for letting me know. Anita

therelishedroost said...

Big Love of this line!! Wonderful thanks for sharing!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Karena dear! Thank you for coming to comment today! I will put you back on my list....are you sure you want to? It's really not that more time consuming than a post you'd do on what you love. AWESOME! I will add your name and I've put your name in the pot for the tea set!!! YIPEEE! Anita

I Dream Of said...

Karena, Harrison Howard is a favorite of mine, too - an artist who I find very inspiring, so I love leaning more about what influences his art! Those paper plates and napkins are as lovely as fine china and linens, don't you think? Hope you've had a lovely week! XOXO

Katie Clooney said...

Karena... These paper products are to die for!!! Love them. Have a wonderful weekend.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

How magic are these paper pieces!
They scream for a Summer party on the deck with pretty vintage lanterns!

I have your posts feeding into my emails now. My sidebar has been misbehaving...not updating some of my friends.

Have a great week, Karena!

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst Interiors said...

This is so charming, Karena! Thank you for sharing!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I love these beautiful paper goods! so whimsical and perfect!

andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.

Nathalie Uy said...

Good vibes. Everyday, all day. God Bless :)

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