Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seaside Painting Giveaway

This is my latest seaside painting for the new giveaway! It is an 18 x18 original oil on gallery wrapped canvas. Value Is $225. Click To enlarge & You'll see the color variations in the sky. To Win This Painting Do the following 2 Things below:

1) Become A Follower On My Website.
2)Leave Me A Comment & Let Me Know What You think Of This Painting.

!The Contest Will Run From Today March 28th To Next Sunday "Easter" The 4th Of April At 12:00 midnight EST & will be announced on my website the following day!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Introducing Artist Kristin Macy Howard

I met a very talented local artist, Kristin Macy Howard while at ARTichokes Gallery at Class and Open Studio sessions. I have always loved her works and recently acquired this one. It is very dramatic and immediately spoke to me. In the evening light it is of course darker and very evocative. It is over my living room mantle in a place of honor. Subsequently I interviewed her and this is the conversation that follows.

Karena: Tell me about your inspiration to paint and how this creativity evolved.

KMH: I am from Indiana and while in college a theater major. At that time I did a lot of drawing. Later, my mother in law gave me a gift of a workshop w local well known artist Jim Hamill. I love the creativity, also it was relaxing and therapeutic.

Karena:Describe your painting style.

KMH: Moody and atmospheric

Karena: Who are past & present artists you admire that have talent you look to emulate?

KMH: Rebecca Paschia's landscapes, Simon Bull for my florals, Monet and of course Turner.

Karena: You have four children under eight and I know your husband is a patent attorney; when do you find time to paint? Does your family recognize your talent?

KMH: I attend the Open Studios at
ARTichokes, it is a very unique experience. My family does really support my art. My mother in law is one my biggest supporters.

Karena: What is your medium? I know like myself you like the
Winsor & Newton Alkyd Oils.

KMH: I do for my landscapes; and then I use acrylics for for my smaller florals.

Karena: Where do you see yourself in five years as an artist?

KMH: It is really just artistic vision. I have also donated a lot of art to family, friends, and causes I believe in.

Karena: What else inspires you?

KMH: Seeing artist's exhibits, taking classes, seeing the process of painting. It is a great time.
I feel I am using a gift and talent that God gave me.

Karena: Thank you so much Kristin. Enjoy more of her original works of art below.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Creative Candles Workshop with Eddie

While it is snowing, yes, again in Kansas City, we had a fun afternoon with Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar, at Creative Candles. The photo above includes Patricia (aka Mrs. Blandings) other designers, bloggers and friends. We made the wonderful etched & initialed hurricanes pictured below. Very elegant and chic.

Pam Fleisher and Ken Weiner were wonderful hosts; and we used supplies from and the most gorgeous hand made pillars from Creative Candles.

What a great way to spend the day; with wine, appetizers, and treats galore! I encourage everyone to attend any of Eddie's workshops, they are the best!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

DIFFA Dining by Design Kansas City

Dining by Design. DIFFA originated here in Kansas City and has spread throughout the country, an event to benefit Aids. This is an event not to miss, the designers involved are phenomenal; just look at the list, well known, elite names that do the best design work in the world! Marc Blackwell, Tim Butt, Don Field, Peregrine Honig, David Jimenez, Chuck Matney, Sam & Dan McMillan, Dan Meiners, Eric Rosen, Eddie Ross, John Rufenacht, Angela & Nicholas Snyder Click on the link for details. Hope to see you there!

Oh and your choice of two events to attend. Friday the 30th April or Saturday May 1st. Do read the details!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Eddie's back in Town!!

Eddie and his partner, Jaithan, are conducting a workshop here in Kansas City. It will take place at Creative Candles and he will teach participants how to turn a wonderful, ordinary (until now) glass hurricane into something really unique. Eddie comes from Martha Stewart Inc, Best Designer, etc. Everyone, including The Press loves him, just look at his site!

Please join in, I promise it will be fun, laughs, & certainly refreshments for all! This takes place Saturday the 20th at Creative Candles. $75 or half price for bloggers. To make reservations you can email Pam at or call her at 816-474-9711 ext. 205.
Visit Eddie at Eddie Ross!

Image courtesy of Eddie Ross.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Karena's Purple Haze

Spring has Sprung. What does this image evoke within you? I am really enamored by the softness, the combination of purples, lavenders, crimson, and turquoise.

I have a new feature, besides my exciting giveaway coming up! I will be interviewing Local and regional artists that are so talented and unique in their mediums, so watch, and be sure to become a follower.

That will save you time when The
Giveaways are ready!! To my wonderful followers!

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