Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What now my Friends!?

Recently my long time friend Patricia of PVE Design posted a very poignant feature discussing her reasons for blogging and asking fellow bloggers to share our own stories and one benefit from blogging.  

The image above conveys how writing The Arts by Karena has made me feel over the years. Expressive, inspiring, uplifting, a woman of strength, and vibrancy.  (could not list just one!)

All of you who have both read and contributed to my blog have given the gift of your art, creativity and insights. Sharing in this venue make me feel so honored! From your many comments, my features on the arts, unique visions and originality has made a difference to many.

After seeing a specialist and receiving test results, I have been diagnosed with a fairly rare disease, Gastroparesis. It is a life altering condition that although there is no cure, we are working on treating the symptoms, which can be severe.

Over the years my mission has been to be a positive influence to all who visit, and I hesitated to write about this as I rarely discuss personal issues on social media. In this case I felt it is an important topic to share.

This has made me realize more than ever how people we know who look perfectly healthy, may be dealing with challenges every day of their lives. 

My friends, we have been together through so many of the ebbs and flows over the years. I cannot begin to express how much each and every one of you mean to me.

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