Monday, April 28, 2014

Studio Dan Meiners and Pennway Place Event Space

Today I am so excited to present a Kansas City treasure, Studio Dan Meiners and the fabulous Pennway Place Event Space  

One of the equisite floral designs from Studio Dan Meiners

In the shop a gorgeous vignette during the Spring Open House

Let Studio Dan Meiners  assist you in planning the details of your Corporate Events at Pennway Place

Pennway Place is the ultimate space for the perfect wedding reception!!

Pennway Place, located inside Studio Dan Meiners, is unlike any other venue in Kansas City. At 6000 square feet, Pennway can accommodate gatherings up to 400, but its unique design creates an intimate feel no matter the number of guests. This space was built with modern versatility and classic sophistication. Studio Dan Meiners is the exclusive floral and event design company of Pennway Place and this seamless integration enables us to unite design and decor in perfect harmony. An event at Pennway Place is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Glorious fresh flowers and plants abound in the shop! Treat yourself or gift a friend or spouse!

Another fun display courtesy of manager Christopher West

Many Fabulous artists are carried in Studio Dan Meiners. They carry many great local artists. House of De Boer  jewelry, House of  DeBoer ceramics, Diane Boone jewelry are all local. Global Views home décor, Karine Sultan jewelry, Charlie Harper+Todd Oldham home accessories and Roost home décor are some of the lines as well. You will be thrilled with the gift selections.

Dan Meiners and friends at Spring Open House. Many events are open to the public throughout the year and this was a fun one for sure!

Everything is Perfect for a Springtime Picnic and it is all available at Studio Dan Meiners!

Manager Christopher West on the right, with artists Brock and Colleen De Boer

Christopher West and his terrific partner Terry on the left

How fun is this! One of the new arrivals in the shop! 

If you are looking for a weekend outing that is filled with fun and wonder, stop into Studio Dan Meiners and enjoy browsing through all of the shops offerings, I know you will love it as much as I do!

For the Studio Dan Meiners site  and for additional info:  Phone (816) 842-7244, email :  
The Address is:  2500 West Pennway,   Kansas City, MO 64108

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pedro S. De Movellan: Complete Works, 1990-2012

Carbon Halo 2008 Carbon powder laminate, powder coated aluminum and brass,brushed aluminum and stainless steel Maximum height 20 inches, maximum swing 22 inches

I am honored to present this recent book featuring the  complete works of art by Pedro S. De Movellan, one of the most renowned kinetic sculptors of this era. As the son of both an architect and an abstract painter, there are influences and balances from each pattern of genetics to be seen in his very individualistic and incredible works.

Lavanter, 2004, Powder coated aluminum, brass and stainless steel

Each work of art is graceful and refined, the components detailed and exquisitely moving, literally!

Swiss Movement, 1993, mahogany, maple, bronze and mixed metals 108 x 98 x 16 inches including base

Ranging in scale from the artist's first outdoor sculpture, the eight-foot-tall Lily in polished aluminum and gold leaf to the most recent carbon fiber works weighing mere ounces, this tome includes every sculpture de Movellán has created throughout his career. 

Untitled 2011 Carbon fiber laminate and tube, and powder coated aluminum  maximum height 18.5 , maximum swing 18'

You will find finely detailed conceptual sketches and schematics for select works that are absolutely intricate in their elements and structure. De Movellan even shows and explains specifications of  the drive mechanisms that make for such magical movement in his works of art.

Artist sketch, details, and design elements of Swiss Movement courtesy of the artist

Whether you are a collector, curator or an inquisitive fan of contemporary art the purchase of  Pedro S. De Movellan: Complete Works, 1990-2012 By Maxwell Davidson 1V and Charles C. Davidson is  an excellent addition to your design library. 

Press copy and images courtesy of  Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Decorate Fearlessly by Susanna Salk

Decorate Fearlessly: Using Whimsy, Confidence, and a Dash of Surprise to Create Deeply Personal Spaces

By Susanna Salk

Published by Rizzoli New York

After opening the cover of Decorate Fearlessly, every page I turned was like opening a precious jewel box. Filled with rooms from many designers we know so well and also many whose work I was unaware of until now,  I was  amazed at the scope of this project!

A stunning work of art, "Seven Horses" by Jean de Merry is the soul of this former ballroom in a Beaux Arts mansion in Pacific Heights. Jeffrey De Sousa envelopes us in deep indigo and splashes of orange to complement the rich floors.

Eric Cohler's Manhattan living room is immersed in a glowing light which lands on Jonathan Adler's Tree of Life sculpture and many other contemporary works of art. His collection of period furnishings become even more notable, and we see that walls of windows do not deter from displaying fine art and furniture.  

In Marian McEvoy's own home in Hudson Valley, she not only did the decor, she personally created the lampshades, curtains and trims. She keeps the room light with a white painted beams, a lacquer mirror and andirons

A huge tropical mural turns this green, coral and gold bedroom into a tropical retreat year round. Designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger work this magical illusion without overpowering the room, by adding several delicate touches.

An illusion of utopia exists in this pool house in The Hamptons by the esteemed Alessandra Branca. She  treats us  to a fresh mix of blue and white paisley wall covering with a mix of  japanned bookshelves , directoire chairs and seashells abound, anchoring it all with a natural sisal rug.

About the author: Susanna is one of those Renaissance women who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She helped launch Elle Decor Magazine as the Interior Design Manager,  later becoming Special Projects Manager at House and Garden. 

She is now the author of seven spectacular books, as well as a regular contributor to 1st Dibs, writing features on some of the world's most renowned tastemakers. 

This past year or so I have come to know Susanna even more through the lifestyle videos she presents with  Stacey Holston Bewkes through Stacey's blog site Quintessence. (One of my favorites is Designers and their Dogs) Find the links to Susanna's accomplishments, videos, etc at her site Susanna Salk

Please purchase Decorate Fearlessly as it is an incredible addition to your design library. You will enjoy it tremendously!

Photo credits from top: Cover: John Gould Bessler, Cesar Rubio, Yale Wagner, Mathew Williams, Don Freeman for New York Cottages and Gardens, Oly,Thibault Jeanson. Image of Susanna Salk by John Gruen.

Thank you to Rizzoli New York  for providing the press copy of Decorate Fearlessly 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

One Man's Folly, The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood

 One Man's Folly
The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood

Text by Julia Reed, Foreword by Bunny Williams, Photographed by Paul Costello and Rodney Collins

Ever the Southern Gentleman, Furlow Gatewood is a man of whimsical wit, extreme intelligence, a discerning eye for beauty in the unique, and a love for creativity. He is indeed at the very top of my list of people  that I would be honored to meet during my lifetime.

The images and text presented throughout One Man's Folly  had me mesmerized, gazing with a drawn out sigh at each and every page turned;   It nearly brought me to tears. Dear reader, the lump in my throat did not leave until I completed this mesmerizing book. When you read One Man's Folly you will truly understand.

  Bunny Williams describes Furlow Gatewood as one of the most talented and influential members of America's design community, always keeping a low profile, that is until now. Mr Gatewood has been a dear friend and Partner of John Roselli and Bunny's for well over four decades.

This man's story is a lengthy and intriguing one that begins on his family property in Americus Georgia. The Barn, originally a Carriage House  is the first of his many Follies. The elements we see continue on in  additional projects, starting with Gothic, yet light and airy details.

The Peacock House , living room above. You will recognize certain signatures even though one home may have  been built around a wall of antique shutters found and saved from years gone by; another built to highlight fan windows and archways. His trusted artisans have worked their magic with stunning marbleized floors, beveled lengths of wood  forming walls and trim as delightful as you will ever find.

The Dining Room in The Cuthbert House which made the 65 mile journey to Furlow's land in Americus. Marbleized floors,custom shutters for soaring windows, many details sketched  out briefly, gone over with a deep understanding of the outcome and voila, several months (not years and Years) later it is completed.

The Lumpkin House.  When Furlow was told about a delightful; albeit uninhabited property in nearby Stewart County, he had to take his builder Jimmy on a countryside drive. I think I really brought it for the front door and surrounding gingerbread trim, says Gatewood.

Rare Botanical Prints once used to teach schoolchildren adorn the simple whitewashed plank walls which Gatewood prefers. Original doors and hardware.

The extensive gardens, (which Gatewood prefers to call his yard) house  several other structures including The Chicken House which is now actually a hospital for his many peacocks, The Chapel, and then you find unique plantings and architectural structures and sculptures at every turn.

There is no piece of furniture too precious for his many devoted dogs to lounge about on. His love for animals is a huge part of Furlow's peaceful soul. Gazing at his  art, furnishings and collections...I could write an entire article on these gems collected throughout the years, starting with a most charming story about his very 1st antique purchase from his Aunt Mary.... Furlow believes in always purchasing what you love.

If you are to choose a book to be truly treasured, please make it be One Man's Folly, for this book about an ageless man's love of all things meaningful will touch your heart as no other. 

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Thank you to Rizzoli New York for the press copy and the use of these glorious images. Reader may click images to enlarge.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Artists Series Featuring Photographer Eddie Collins

Eddie Collins is a New York based fashion and beauty photographer.  Within his devotion to his art,   high end photography,  he captures the true  vibrant essence of  New York City , that certain  noise of the city.  Whether working in his studio or on location, this artist's  style shines brightly through his lens. 

Fashion Photography in the Studio
A true personal success story, having risen from what would be a difficult life for any child  in Australia;  he lived in a world of orphanages and foster homes, then he spent most of his youth circling the globe and gradually made his way to Paris, where he found a home and stayed three years and then moved to New York.

On Location
 The juxtaposition of Positive and Negative/ Light and Shadow  spaces thrills me in this image!

He has  led memorable lives in cities too many to mention;  including Paris, London, Milan, Munich and Tokyo. Eddie told me of an occurrence in Marrakesh where his equipment was stuck in customs red tape for what seemed like forever. What did Eddie do, why he made new friends and had a blast playing soccer with the locals.


Eddie capturing the essence and wonder at once. He loves to experience cities by hiding amongst the local people and learning about different cultures.

Brilliant use of light, color palette, contrast!

Desert Magazine 
An amazing leisure spread!
Hallie Barry

Hallie, a  natural woman with little guise, in spite of a heavy schedule, she formed a strong connection with Eddie  and stayed on after the photo shoot for hours to spend some MUCH needed leisure time!

Lisa Ling

An American Journalist and Writer 

Eddie has given some words of wisdom for the beginning photographer:/ artist. 

It is so important to gain perspective on who you are and what you believe in, stay true and consistent to that vision. Stand up for yourself, be realistic. Be able to brand yourself and look to work with those who love what you do.

Sean Avery, New York Rangers #17, for Downtown Magazine
Sean is a 2014  new member of Dancing with the Stars

With an impressive curriculum vitae, Eddie currently resides in New York City with a client list consisting of Issey Miyake, Ann Taylor Loft, Seventeen Magazine, All Access Magazine (UK), Flux Magazine (UK), Random Magazine (UK), Magazine, Fila, Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor amongst others.

Reach Eddie through his website Eddie Collins Photography . Please do visit, as you will see much more of his incredible work. His Face book Page is Eddie Collins Photography

I applaud Eddie for bringing artful beauty into our lives through his photography!

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