Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Special Painting Offering by Artist Carol Schiff

Artist Carol Schiff is gifting a very special painting to one fortunate reader.
The Bridge in Prague has meaning to me because I have actually walked across it! It is 4 X 12 inches and simply stunning. The Value is $129.00

Who or how was I first inspired to paint?

C: I have always been attracted to drawing and painting, but was not one of those kids who was forever sketching and drawing. When my children grew and left home, I found I had more time and started taking drawing lessons at the local community college. From there, I found an excellent painting instructor and eventually moved on to taking workshops from various artists.

How do you stay motivated to create new art consistently?

C: You might ask, how do I stop creating art? I seem to see a scene, something inspirational, everywhere I look. I carry a camera in my purse so that I don't have any of those "I wish I had my camera" moments. Most of the time I paint from images, so as long as I have images I am excited about, the desire to paint is always there.

I paint a lot of still life, so even a trip to the grocery brings inspiration. I have been known to ask the bakery to open their cases, so that I could photograph the cakes. The produce department brings a mountain of subjects and the bag boys all know to wrap my fruits and vegetables with extra care. It's a thrill to find that perfect pear with a leaf or a photogenic radish!

What artists do you  emulate or admire a great deal?

C: Well, we could talk about the Master's forever. I have read the books and traveled to the museums to see the Van Gogh's, Monet's, Sargent's , the list goes on. But I am really more influenced by the contemporary artists that you can find on the Internet today. A few that come to mind are Karin Jurick who is pretty famous for her paintings of people admiring famous artworks in the museums of the world, and Nancy Franke who does beautiful and sensitive still life. Also Jennifer McChristenson who is a master of landscape.

I feel the emerging artists of today have such an advantage as they can be exposed to the most wonderful art in their own living room. Talented artists are out there, just a few keystrokes away.

Tell me about when you first developed your art blog site...

C: I was on the Internet everyday, surfing through artist's blogs, and simply amazed at the wonderful resources that were right at my fingertips. So, it seemed the natural progression to start a blog of my own. The first thing I did was write to Carol Marine(the queen of artist's blogs) and ask to be put on her blog list which she very kindly agreed to do. This really helped to establish my blog by sending many visitors my way. I start each day with a cup of coffee and a run through all the blogs I follow. I try to respond to every comment I receive.

Tell me about your next shows or projects coming up.

C: I spent many years traveling to shows, but now I do most of my art sales over the Internet. I have two sites on Etsy,   where I post and sale mostly oil paintings of every subject matter from still life to figures to landscape. Most of my work there are daily paintings 16x20" or smaller although there are a few larger pieces.

Recently I opened a second site,  where I showcase my more experimental pieces. There you will find palette knife paintings, abstract works, even some mixed media and collage items. I think of that as my "play store".

I like to join local projects and this month I am showing at "Collaborations" which is an exhibition that pairs quilters from the Seaside Quilter's group with 2-D artists in a joint vignette. I am working with two quilters and our theme is the book "Eat, Pray, Love". I also donated a painting to the "All 4 Love" exhibition at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, FL which is a benefit to assist severely injured returning military personnel. If you are in the Melbourne area in March, both of these events will provide an enjoyable evening.

What words of advice do I have for budding artists?

C: My advice is the same as you would hear from your mother. Practice, practice, practice! It is helpful to have a good instructor in the beginning, to teach you the techniques. After you get that down, practice is the key. Get on the Internet and visit the artists blogs and then emulate the work of your favorite artists. Workshops can also be helpful, but don't take more than one a year. Each workshop instructor will teach you their style or technique, so you need to have time to incorporate it into your work. If you become one of those students that takes 3 or more workshops a year, it can become very confusing. In the end, you have to spend time at the easel.

Where is your studio and how do you sell your art?

C: My studio is in my home in Melbourne, Florida. As I stated earlier, most of my art is sold over the Internet on my Etsy sites,  and  as well as my blog . I have paintings residing as far away as Australia, Greece and Japan. I do hang a few paintings locally with the Brevard Cultural Alliance and their "Art in Public Places" program.

To enter this fabulous offering :

1) Be or become a follower of my site in the right column.

2) Visit Carol's art site at: and  follow or subscribe!

3) Go to her  etsy shop and choose your favorite work of art : then come back and tell which it is!

She also has some new and interesting pieces at

The Offering ends on Saturday at midnight CST on the 12th and will be announced on Sunday the 13th of March

Art by Karena

Monday, February 21, 2011

The 28th Kansas City Artists Coalition Benefit & Auction

Saturday Night The Kansas City Artists Coalition celebrated its 28th Annual Benefit Auction

Donated by Hallmark Cards
Philomene Bennett

Winter Sunsets I II III

Female Walking Macquette
Tom Corbin

Event Honorary Chairman

Michael Molick
 "Departures II"

Cynthia Pesselato
 Art Collector

Larry Thomas
 "Erroneous Wind"

Don Hendrickson and Friend of Art

Teresa Magel

Jackie Warren
 Marketing Director on Left

Joe Bussell
"Zen Monk Series"
 A similar work Sold at Auction

Gregory Glore
KCAC Event Chairman

I wanted you to simply enjoy some of the fabulous art auctioned, just a sprinkling really.

Thank you Loretta!!

A huge thank you to Loretta of Apples and Rubies! I won her Valentines Giveaway . Just Look!

Custom Pearl Earrings By Loretta Fontaine

Art by Karena

Monday, February 14, 2011

Have A Splenderous Valentines Day and A Winner

Happy Valentines Day to all of my Family, Friends and Followers


Enjoy the Beauty each Day Brings

Call a Friend You have Lost Touch With

Compliment Someone Each and Every Day

Shine from Within and your Glow will Fill the World

Stop to Smell the Roses, Baking Bread, Scented candles .....

Splenderosa Inspirations

The Winner is through

Congratulations and contact me with your contact information for Marsha

Splenderosa Custom Necklace of Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Coral, and Custom Earrings to Match!

Thank you so much to Marsha the Creator of Splenderosa Jewelry for sponsoring this Fabulous Giveaway!!

Art by Karena

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