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Dr Nicholas Perricone $150 Giveaway! Artful Beauty from the Inside Out

Powerful Nutrients from Dr. Perricone form the basics of his Inside Out Artful Beautiful Philosophy!
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A cornerstone of Dr. Perricone's philosophy is "beauty from the inside out". What this means is that what we put in our bodies will make our skin and overall appearance more healthy and radiant. For that reason, Dr. Perricone recommends a three-tiered approach to beauty and health and recommends following an anti-inflammatory diet, in addition to taking supplements rich in antioxidants and applying anti-inflammatory topical creams.

You can read more about Dr. Perricone's approach to "beauty from the inside out" on his blog, The Daily Perricone.

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Art by Karena

The winner of the very special painting by Mary Maxam is   Simplified Bee!! 

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Thank you to Debra from Acquired Objects for the gorgeous Petite Flemish antique pillow

I was also the winner of a fabulous cuff by Mimi Morest sponsored by Morgan of  la Chapstick Fanatique

Plus this post all began because I was the winner of Dr Perricone's Cold Plasma from Isabelle of  Pink Lemonade Design

How could I be so blessed!

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Mary Maxam Fine Art Giveaway

Lemon Light
Featuring Mary Maxam Fine Art
Mom's Cherry Pitcher

Mary's work has shown in many juried national exhibitions, including Oil Painters of America, the Midwest and National Watercolor Societies. She has won signature membership in the National, Northwest and Montana Watercolor Societies, and has contributed both painting and written work for book and magazine articles on painting and design. Publications include "Watercolor Magic","Gray's Sporting Journal", and "Paint Mixing, the 12-Hue Method" by Rockport Press.

Pink Peonies Floral

Red Clouds

 A native of Idaho, Mary Maxam finds inspiration for her paintings in the beautiful scenery and gardens of the Northwest. She is a graduate of Boise State University and has studied in many professional workshops, teaching art for many years herself. Mary works in watercolor, acrylic and oil for her landscape and still life works. Her paintings are a response to familiar subjects, seen daily and discoveries that take place through the painting process. She has, since fall of '09 begun posting small works at her daily paintings site.  .                                                                                          
Interview with Mary
K: When did you first become interested in Painting?

M: I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember and painting in any medium, especially drew my eye. In about the 6th grade, my dad bought me my first book of paintings from all different periods and styles. I remember poring over it repeatedly, and still have it. 

K: Who are some of the artists that you admire or have inspired you?

M: I find most all the Impressionists, Van Gogh and Degas, particularly inspiring. Then, Sargent, Sorolla and many illustrators like NC Wyeth and Howard Pyle as well.  They are all wonderfully expressive in their choices of subject, use of color, and dynamic compositions. And, I ‘m drawn to dynamic brushwork as well, which they all excel at.

K: Where do you find inspiration for your works of art and are you drawn more to one genre than another?

 K: I live in North Idaho, and the landscape and gardens of the Northwest are generally where I find much of my subject matter. However, I never quite know what will draw my eye on a given day. I enjoy what I call ‘found still life’, which include the apple branches, flowers in gardens, or even the random colorful setups and people I see while shopping.  I like curved flowing line, color and contrast, sometimes regardless of the particular subject. 

K: What is your favorite medium to work in and why?

M: I started painting in watercolor and gouache (a kind of tempera) and continued for several years, exhibiting in several national juried shows. However, I started experimenting with using the paint in thicker layers, and using more expressive brushwork, and that led me to the acrylics and oils I now use. I enjoy the versatility that oil gives, and the longer working time. I’ve been working primarily in oils for about seven years now.

K: Do you use photos, the subject itself or paint plein aire?

M: I enjoy both and am currently planning for several painting days on our upcoming trip to Montana. I’ll also take a lot of photos, do sketches and make notes to myself when I have ideas about particular color schemes or compositional ideas. Then, I‘ll bring it all home and develop work in my studio using those resources.

Mary what advice do you have for aspiring artists of any age?

 I read somewhere that the search for methods and materials is a search for language, and I think that’s true for many of us. When I taught, I always told students to jump in and not let the white page or certain materials intimidate them. There are so many wonderful resources online to learn from and classes to investigate.  Draw a lot and expose yourself to a variety of artists and styles. By weeding out your likes and dislikes, you’ll soon find yourself with a direction of your own.

K: Where are you showing and where can your beautiful works of art be purchased? 

I have some smaller works on auction at

My local galleries are Angel (Coeur d’Alene, ID) EntrĂ©e Gallery (Nordman, ID) and Gallery4South (Wenatchee, WA)

To Enter this fabulous Fine Original Art Giveaway Valued at $250. 

Lemon Light,  9 X 9 oil on linen, is a beautiful painting for any special spot in your home!
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Featuring The Shine Project

Ashley LeMieux
I'm pleased to introduce you to Ashley of the Shine Project. She's an astonishing young woman, as you're about to see. Here is her introduction.

I'm an optimistic writer who knows we all have endless potential to SHINE in our lives. Let's see how many lives we can change, and how much good we can accomplish together.You'll enjoy my sassy, ridiculous, and motivating stories along the way. Go ahead, let the world see you SHINE.

The Shine Project: Weekly Challenge

Ashley and  Community Volunteers
 Below is my Interview with Ashley

K:How did you get the inspiration to start the Shine project and blog. Did they go hand in hand? 
A:The Shine Project started from a blog that a created to make a difference in people's lives. I wanted motivation to reach my own goal of having my first book published this year, while pushing others to go after what they wanted! I realized that it's not enough to be successful if you're not helping other people do the same. The Shine Project is all about shining your light to those who need it.
K:What is your background of experience and what does your life look like now? 
A:I just graduated from ASU with an English degree. My husband and I live in Phoenix, and I am self employed as of this month! I'm currently planning a HUGE event that will be revealed July 1st and 4th, and it is taking up most of my time. I plan service project around the country so people can make a difference in their communities.
K: Do you have a  mission statement for the Shine Project?
A: Not an official one! But The Shine Project is all about reaching your goals, while motivating those around you to do the same. My signature statement is, "Go ahead, let the world see you SHINE!"

K: I see you sell jewelry on your site, tell me about it. 
A:I created SHINE necklaces so we can all have a daily reminder of our goals. $1 from each necklace sold goes into The Shine Project Scholarship Fund that I created to help inner city school students afford college.
K:Tell me about some of the accomplishments you have achieved with your  site?
A: I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of emails that I get telling me how much a particular post helped them overcome a trial. That's the whole reason I started my blog, and it's been exciting to see it make a difference all over the world. I also have a goal to raise $20,000 for the scholarship fund by January 2012. 
NBC local news in Phoenix is helping me spread the word by doing a segment on The Shine Project and the event that I am planning.
K:What else would you like to tell our readers? 
A:You're beautiful, fantastic, and have so much potential. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently. SHINE on! And come say hello!

You won't believe how inexpensive the jewelery is. The funds from the sale of her jewelery go 100% towards scholarships for young students in need.

I encourage you to support Ashley's causes. Purchase a piece of her jewelery! You'll be glad you did.

Thank you Ashley!!

On another note, Jo, of Bees and Fleur de Lis is the winner a The Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!  Be sure to visit her wonderful site!


Art by Karena

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