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Tory Burch in Color

Tory Burch in Color
By Tory Burch
Forward by Anna Wintour
The Art of Books Since 1949

When I started reading Tory Burch in Color, I realized how much more there is to this woman than I ever knew. Her love of travel with her three boys and the inspirations she found in those adventures. How much art has played a part in her designs absolutely delights me. She discusses her favorite books read over the years and the classics passed down through her family.

Matisse: Anemones in Chinese Vase

Tory Notes: "This book is a kaleidoscope of my greatest influences and experiences , told through images and stories of the people, places, things and ideas that inspire me."

The Reva Flat named after Tory's Mother

Snaps from Tory's Book  

Tory with her boys at Machu Picchu

Her Classic Kaftan 

A colorful image taken during a trip to Italy

This is a book that will brighten your life and is a great addition to any library.

Please purchase at your local bookseller or at Amazon.

All gross proceeds received by Tory Burch LLC from the sale of the book will benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which supports the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families in the United States through low-cost loans,  mentorship and entrepreneurial education.

Publicity copy courtesy of Abrams

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Cartier in the 20th Century

Cartier in the 20th Century
Published by The Vendome Press
Introduction by Pierre Rainero
The text by Margaret Young-Sanchez, Michael Hall, Stefano Papi, and Janet Zapata

Cartier in the 20th Century is being published in association with the Denver Art Museum to coincide with an exclusive exhibition, "Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century." On view from November 16, 2014- March 15, 2015, the exhibition features 250 objects, including equisite fine jewelry, timepieces, men's accessories and more. A must see collection on exhibit!

Tiara. Cartier Collection. Photo Credit: Nick Welsh
Platinum, round  old-cut diamonds, calibre' and fancy cut onyx, natural pearls and enamel. Circa 1914
Persian cigarette case. Cartier Collection. Photo credit: Nils Herrmann
Special ordered by Mrs W. K. Vanderbilt II
Gold, platinum, enamel, single-cut diamonds

Cartier Collection. Cartier London. Photo credit: Nick Welsh.
Special order for Lady Beatrice Granard, 1932.
Platinum, round rose and old-cut diamonds,  polished, cushion shaped 143.23 carat emerald.

Cartier in the 20th Century is filled with 300 color and black and white photographs as well as many images showing royalty and celebrities wearing exquisitely refined Cartier jewels.

Hindu Necklace. Cartier, Paris, Special order, 1936, altered in 1963. Made for Daisy Fellowes, heiress to the Singer sewing machine fortune and daughter of a French Duke.

Egyptian Striking Clock. Cartier Paris, 1927.
Sold to Florence Blumenthal
Cartier Collection. Photograph: Nick Welsh

Stomacher Brooch.  Special order, Cartier Paris, 1907.
Platinum, sapphires, round old and rose-cut diamonds.
Cartier Collection. Photo credit: Vincent Wulveryck

Cuff Links.  Cartier Paris, 1929.
Cartier Collection. Photo credit: Marion Gerard
Platinum faceted rectangular emeralds, faceted and calibre' cut sapphires. Double-click hook system

Flamingo Brooch, Cartier Paris.
Special order, 1940, sold to the Duke of Windsor
The Duke and Duchess supplied many of the  stones used in this brooch.
Cartier Collection. Photo credit: Nils Herrmann

Crocodile Necklace, Cartier Paris, special order, 1975 for Maria Felix, a celebrity Mexican actress
Cartier Collection. Photo credit: Nick Welsh

This book contains  one of the most stunning collections of jewels I have ever seen published and will be an excellent addition to any library. Please purchase through your local book seller or on Amazon

The Vendome Press has provided me with the publicity copy of this fine book.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In the Pink for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October

 Dear Friends, Family and Followers,
This post is to honor my brave Mother who has been courageously facing the challenges of  Breast Cancer these past few years.  She is getting better and has the best attitude  of anyone I have ever seen. Please enjoy these images  and do anything you can to support funding the cure of this rampant disease which affects every age group!

Via Dani P Mop

Kansas City: The Country Club Plaza

Via Little Augury

Art by Karena: Grandeur

Love Feast Shop

Kathe Fraga Original Art

Via Pinterest

Cy Twombly Original Fine Art

Glorious Autumn Leaves

Karen Sugarman Fine Jewelry

Via Pinterest 

Let us remember to face each day with gratitude, kindness and passion!
Dance, sing, explore, be adventuresome! 
We are here on this Earth for a reason, a purpose!

Thank you to all of my Friends, Family, and Faithful Followers who Support The Arts!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jeff Koons: Conversations with Norman Rosenthal

" I want to be able to experience that revelation and absolute comprehension of opportunity, of what human potential can be, and then to be able to exercise that freedom."

Jeff Koons is undeniably one of the most prominent and iconic of 21st Century Pop Artists. This book of his conversations with Sir Norman Rosenthal, former exhibitions Secretary at the Royal Academy of Arts, London is an eye opener. It is full of depth and perceptions that will surprise and delight you. Sir Norman Rosenthal is also an independent art historian and curator.

Bourgeois Bust-Jeff and Ilona 1991, marble

Well over 250,000 people have viewed the Jeff Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in Chicago, which is open until October 19th, 2014.
Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating 

Two Ball Total Equilibrium Tank-Dr. J Silver Series 1985
glass, steel, sodium chloride reagent,distilled water, two basketballs

Enthusiasm for this  special art event is  not wavering; so in order to make each moment count, the Whitney Museum of American Art in Chicago will be open for a full 36 hour viewing marathon from 11 A.M  on Saturday October 18th until 11 P.M. on Sunday October 19th!

New Hoover Deluxe Shampoo Polishers-1980-1986
Three Shampoo Polishes, Acrylic and Fluorescent Lights

Banality Series: Michael Jackson and Bubbles
1988 porcelain

Jim Beam-J.B. Turner Train 1986
Stainless Steel and Bourbon

Landscape (Waterfall) II : 2007
Oil on Canvas

Stainless Steel

Jeff Koons is well known for many of his hugely over-sized art installations in public spaces throughout the world.

The Lips-2000 
Oil on Canvas

Please purchase Jeff Koons: Conversations with Norman Rosenthal at Amazon or your local book seller. It is a book for the consummate contemporary art collector and enthusiast!

Thank you goes out to  Thames and Hudson Publishers for this press copy.

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