Friday, June 15, 2012

2012 Artists Series Featuring Kerry Steele

Introducing Artist Kerry Steele. You may be familiar with Kerry through her blog site Design du Monde.  I hope you enjoy the following interview and a glimpse  into her world of gorgeous abstract art!


Kerry, when did you become interested in art and what drew you to painting?
I have always liked art and as a child I accompanied my grandmother to her painting and art history classes that she taught. I have actually always thought I was far better at drawing than painting and until last year, I had not picked up a brush in about 10 years! Mostly the impetus was wanting a few huge canvases to fill my walls. I bought some but I enjoyed the process of working out an abstract that was pleasing to me.

Satsuki Rain
 I have seen some of your amazing abstracts; how did you find a niche in that genre?

 I was not exactly looking for a niche when I started because I was initially painting for myself. The best advice I have read is to paint what you love and for me the palettes have a lot to do with trends in Interior Design and Fashion and I think people respond to those colors.

I can understand that, with your background as an Interior Designer. 
Kerry, where do you find the inspiration for your works of art? 

I find inspiration in other art. Sometimes its a line that I find beautiful and use as a jumping off point or the colors in a landscape create a mood that I translate into an abstract. 

Patrician Plan

 What are some artists past or present that you admire? 

 De Kooning, Deibenkorn, Sally Benedict Read, Claire Desjardins are a few.  


What Art Events are  scheduled in the near future? Also, Kerry  where can your works of art be purchased?

  I exhibit in juried shows at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts in Fredericksburg, Virginia. My art can be purchased there or in my Etsy store, DesignDuMonde or someone may contact me directly about commissions or pieces not listed for sale.


 Finally Kerry, as you are making your dreams come true, what advice do you have for the aspiring art of any age?
Painting what you love is only half the story. If you want other people to see your art it is never a good idea to play the pushy salesperson. Instead build genuine relationships with other artists, designers, collectors and they will come to you. Use social media judiciously. 

Great thoughts Kerry, thank you so much!
Visit Kerry ay her Etsy Shop, Design du Monde and also at her art site Kerry  

If you would love to purchase a work of Kerry's art; she is offering a 15% off discount for the next 2 weeks. Use the Code ARTK2

I hope you will a comment of encouragement for Kerry! I so admire it when anyone takes the steps to go after their dreams!

Thank you to all of my friends and followers for supporting the arts!! What would life be like without it! 


Art by Karena

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Please Join Me on A Parisian Rendevous!

Passport to Paris!
Please Join me for a Paris Rendezvous!

A Vision of the Eiffel Tower that took my Breath Away!

An Iconic Image Of The Louvre

Never One to Pack Light I have come to a Compromise of Mix and Match Pieces for several Ensembles

I Take along extra T's, One only pair of jeans, scarves and a white or cream Cardigan and am set for Daytime Dress!

The Aix Shopping Tote from French Basketeer of Course!

Can you believe Our Room with a View!? Fabulous Beyond !!
Room Service the Morning after the Long Flight French Toast with Chocolate and Bananas ( An Emeril Special)! 
Ready for Exploring: Copper and Comfits at the Paris Flea

Could this become a favorite Haunt!?

The Abbey Bookstore to Peruse

Flowers oh yes! Several bunches for our Room with a View

We are famished from our extensive excursions!
Ralph Lauren Restaurant in Paris

Another Choice: Musee d'Orsey  Fabulous Food AND Art!!

A Picnic Perhaps!

Evening Dinner and of course.....

A Gorgeous Gown for the Opera After

Let us Celebrate our First Trip to Paris!!

Of course some gifts for our Friends at Home!

Have I experienced heaven on Earth? Oh Yes!!

Linking up with Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages for more Parisian Party  Delight!

Artist 2012 Series to Continue a Week from Today!

Plus a Fabulous Giveaway  very Soon!

Thank you for all of your comments and support dear friends!!


Art by Karena

Find the Images Sources on  Art by Karena on Pinterest

Just In a wonderful package from Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill Via Linda of Surroundings! Capri Pajamas and the softest Robe ever!!  Thank You Linda and Annie!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Today I am Honored to be Included in the Series Eight Things You Might Not Know About Me at The Treasured Home 

I hope you will come over to Barbara's site to not only see her post on me; also peruse some of the other posts she has written about her adventures in antiquing. She has an amazing shop, Veranda Antiques, in Carmichael, California. 

Barbara is always painting a special find or picking the perfect a shade for a unique lamp base, makings pillows out of antique fabrics and more! 

Art by Karena

Look for a Special 2012 Artist Feature coming up as well as a wonderful Giveaway to come!

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