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A New Gallery in Town: Gallery V Fine Arts

Photo Credit: Sito Colon

I was so thrilled to hear that my longtime friend Valerie Phillips has opened a new art gallery in Mission Farms West in Overland Park, Kansas located here in the Kansas City area. Mission Farms is a perfect mixed use development with luxury condominiums, apartments, dining and shopping, as well as a great locale at 4020 Indian Creek Parkway. Please call for hours and additional information at 913-341-3483. The website for the gallery is  

 She is carrying some amazing artists of several genres and continues  to add art to the mix. Enjoy!

Ceramics by William Kidd

1) Did you know from a young age that you wanted to be in the gallery business?

The answer is actually "no." What I did know; however, was that I wanted to be an artist as early as age five, not even knowing quite what that meant...But, I learned early, the thrill of expressing myself and creating something original that came from a unique internal place that was all my own.

As a young adolescent, my parents took me to a gallery show in my hometown. They had read about an artist's endeavor of opening his own personal gallery, converting a run-down very historic building into a restored new place of beauty to showcase his work. My parents introduced me to the artist and staff as their daughter "the artist".  As we exchanged words about his art and gallery, the artist suggested, "Maybe one day you'll have a gallery of your own!" That impression was my first education and visual impression of an art gallery, which has always remained in my memories.

Art Glass by Scott Gamble

Cube Cup Luminaria by Michael Mikula

2) When did you realize that you wanted to open your own art gallery?

About 5 years ago, as I was entering into my eleventh year in the art gallery industry. What started as merely a vision, but an explosive daydream about 20 years ago and not knowing quite what to do with this powerful dream, later turned into an accidental second career for me. Eventually, after managing 3 separate galleries over the years, I found that all the stepping stones of my various professions in art, design and sales, at last, had rounded out the experience I needed to step forward into my own business. Then, the recurrent question from others of, "Is this your gallery?" and "Why haven't you started your own gallery??" revealed what I took as "my sign" that "now" was the time. While I had developed a scrapbook of "someday" ideas and sketches of my own gallery space, it was the encouragement of my family, friends, mentors and clients who nudged me to move forward with what I already had in passion, ideas and ability to make my dream a reality!

Wood Sculptures and Vases by Gary Burditt

Beth Cosner Custom Jewelry Designs

3) Have you had mentors or others that you admire in the art world?

Yes, probably my art teachers more than anything were the earliest and ongoing force who recognized and encouraged the artistic "gifts" in me. I give equal, if not more importance, to my kindergarten teacher as my greatest influencer as my college art professors. Grade school through my adulthood, there were many, many influencers and mentors who shaped me...They were the ones who thought outside the box and encouraged me to stretch - to not only learn, but also to discover. I have tried to see the gifts that each person who crosses my path has brought my way. I believe our wonderful mix of personalities in this world is like a beautiful symphony. One same note cannot compose a song! We were meant to "sing" together!

Valerie with the Baby Grand Piano sitting in the Front Window Photo Credit: Sito Colon

4)  Who are some of your favorite artists?

This is the toughest question, because I consider art to span across many mediums or genres. I have an affection for too many artists and too many art forms! I once heard, "When we love something, we tend to love it too much!" I love the Classical music of Tchaikovsky and Chopin, the ballets danced by Mikhail Baryshnikov to modern dance and Cirque de Soleil; Andrea Bocelli, Dave Matthews, Aretha Franklin to name a very small few. Picasso's woodcuts, abstract expressionism to street art!  Some of my favorite Old Masters are Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh and Rodin.

I would say that modern day artist, Victoria Montesinos paints in a style that connects to my soul. She paints in a surprising similarity of style as I discovered in my own art in early college years!

Painting by Artist Salome

5) Will people be able to make purchases of art and artful accessories online?

While we do not have online payment arrangements available at this time, customers can contact the gallery by phone (913-341-3483) or email us at: to place art orders for pick up or shipments.

Photo Credit: Sito Colon

6) What advice do you have for the budding entrepreneur at any age?

Follow your dreams! Never give up. Listen to your inner passions and detect your innate gifts. In doing so, every day will be rewarding, even through the challenges. Each day is a joy to go to work at the job you love. LIVE in your ELEMENT! 

As I was starting my business from ground up, my famous quote was: "I never had so much fun being so stressed out!"

Metal Kinetic Wall Sculptures by Frank Strunk III

7) Are there any special events or artist features scheduled at Gallery V Fine Arts in the near future?

We will have approximately 4 - 6 scheduled events throughout the year. Right now we are planning an event for Cinco de Mayo and a Mother's Day special with larger scale showcased artist events throughout the year. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website for details at

Thank you so much Valerie!

Art by Salome
I don't know about you; however I am ready to get out and explore this spring. Art galleries like Gallery V Fine Arts are the perfect place to find new works of art for your home or even lovely and very special gifts for others! Please visit the gallery site You can also visit their Facebook page at

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Circus: Paintings and Works on Paper by the Artist Botero

The Colombian artist, Fernando Botero's works of art have always fascinated me. Born in 1923, he is truly one of the most famous living artists of our time. His works are instantly recognizable and I am thrilled to present this book, Circus: Paintings and Works on Paper, a complete collection published for the first time. It is filled with whimsical images in vivid saturated color. Botero was inspired to create this body of work when he encountered a traveling circus in a small Mexican town along the Pacific coast. The circus is one of his favorite themes and one that has also inspired artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Chagall, Calder and others. He celebrates the human body through voluminous size and enchanting movement, and at times they seem to be light as a feather. Enjoy!

Trainer with Tiger

Circus Woman on the Trapeze

Circus: Paintings and Works on Paper
by Fernando Botero, c 2013
Published by Glitterati Incorporated
Introduction by Curtis Bill Pepper

You can purchase this incredible publication at your local bookseller or at

Thank you to Glitterati Incorporated for the publicity copy of this book.

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The Arts by Karena

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