Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keep Pushing On

I know it is the time of year, or so I keep saying. Days of I cannot do one more thing. I have pushed and pushed. I need some sunshine and heat. I miss taking art classes and going to Open Studio, as there is such a synergy of working with other artists. I call this painting Ode to Helen, Helen Frankenthaler, born in 1928, a woman definitely ahead of her time. An American abstract expressionist, she expressed herself as a color field painter. She had great admiration for Hans Hoffman and Jackson Pollock. She later married fellow artist Robert Motherwell.

If you love art as I do, look up some of her art, Pollocks, Motherwell's, and Hoffman's works. Of course don't forget Albers, de Kooning and Rothko. I think you will be amazed at the saturation and intensity of these greatest of the great in a very important movement in the arts.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Art Exhibit & Reception Rescheduled

We have rescheduled The Opening Reception for my art exhibit at Towne and Country Bank until next Friday the 15th. The weather with wind chills is 12 degrees below 0!

My Original works of art will also be on display at Darling Yoga .
It is located at College and Quivera in Overland Park KS. This show will be up for January and February.

These are two wonderful spaces to exhibit art ! Please join in. Email me or call with any questions 913*663*84284

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