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2012 Artists Series Featuring Pamela Terry From the House of Edward and a Giveaway

I am very excited to present Pamela Terry as part of my 2012 Artists Series!
She is the Author of The House of Edward, Essays by Pamela Terry.

Every time I visit Pamela's site I am transported to another place, spiritually, mentally or physically.
Please enjoy the following discussion with Pamela.

1) Pamela, I understand you have many superb skills, including interior design. When and how did you decide you begin a blog, “The House of Edward” and start writing your wondrous posts?

In the summer of 2008, my interior design business, which had previously been incredibly busy, came to a dead halt in the face of a suddenly changed economy.  I think many in my field had the same experience that summer. The design community in my town changed dramatically in a very short time and  I found myself without my usual creative outlet.  I wasn’t very happy about that.  I had recently discovered blogs and was enjoying perusing them, so I though perhaps I’d start one of my own about my design work.  That plan lasted about a week till I realized I wanted to write about all sorts of things, not just design.  So From the House of Edward was born.
  2) For those who aren’t aware of Edward and his importance to you; can you shed some light? 

Edward is a big, furry, white dog that is everything a dog should be.   It’s as though all the marvelous dogs of childhood and fairy tale materialized into this one sweet creature.  We adopted Edward from a local animal rescue facility a few days before Christmas when he was about nine months old.  (The rescue people had snatched him away from a county animal control where he was a mere two days away from being euthanized, which is difficult for me even to imagine.)   Apart from being such a handsome fellow, Edward is a kind dog.  He and I formed a steel strong bond that first night and he reminds me everyday of goodness and friendship.  One of my favourite quotes is from the writer C. S. Lewis who said, “Man with dog closes a gap in the universe.”  I know exactly what he means every time I sit beside Edward in companionable silence.

 3) As a child were you encouraged to be creative? What were some of your first interests? 

I was fortunate to have a mother who read to me and I learned to love the written word at a very early age.  I was also a pretty dreamy child who loved solitude and who craved being outdoors with her pet dog from dawn to dusk.  I rather think my parents sometimes didn’t know quite what to make of me and were just grateful I didn’t end up running off to join the circus or something equally worrisome.
 4) Pamela you always include exquisite works of art with your blog posts; please tell us about these images.  

I’m so happy you like them.  I have an enormous library of art books and one of the treats of each post is finding a painting to scan that best illustrates the words I’ve written.  In latter months, I’ve also turned to Pinterest for images, although I must warn you, Pinterest is like falling down a delightful rabbit hole.  Once there, one might not be able to leave as quickly as one would like.

5) Where does your inspiration as a writer come from? Do you have a mentor or artists that have influenced your works? 
Inspiration is, for me, absolutely everywhere I look.  I particularly find it abundant in the natural world.  Hearing scarlet leaves crackle under my feet as I walk through a forest.  Watching a sunrise turn a blue grey sky to the colour of roses as I sit alone on a beach.  The world holds such mystery and beauty that is free for the taking; how could I fail to be inspired?  A couple of special people who seem to always speak to me through their work are the poet Mary Oliver and the late writer John O’Donohue.

6) How long was the idea for a book percolating or did you wake up one day feeling you were somehow led down the road to compile one? 

Really, I owe the idea for this book to my readers.  They were very persistent in encouraging me to put it together.  I am currently writing a novel and wasn’t considering a book of the blog at all, but so many people continued to write requesting it, I began to give it a bit of  serious thought.  Looking over all the material, I realized that there were indeed many essays that I hated to see simply digitally evaporate and I began, slowly at first, to edit and polish them till they were worthy of preservation in book form.  Of course, being a designer, I wanted the book to be as beautiful as it could be and was so pleased when artist Amber Alexander agreed to illustrate it.  Her paintings of Edward are such a treat and I unabashedly adore the finished product. 

From the House of Edward, Essays by Pamela Terry

7) What is the most rewarding thing for you; having a book published? 
You know, it was incredibly rewarding to hold that first copy in my hands.  But the real reward has been the letters and blog posts I’ve received from those who love the book.  I never really thought that far ahead, so these have been a humbling surprise and one that makes me incredibly happy.
 8) Pamela will have a book signing in Atlanta on December 16th! Finally, what are some words of wisdom you may have for the emerging writer or artist of any age? 

The only wisdom I can impart to a writer or an artist is the same I would give anyone.  That is to pay attention.  There is so much gloriousness in this world that so many of us either ignore or refuse to see.  Notice.  Remember.  Breathe life in like sweet perfume.  And find a way, we all have our ways, to share that beauty with others.  Life is very short and we are meant to enjoy it!  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to adopt a dog!

Thank you so much Pamela! Now for the Giveaway! Pamela is offering a signed copy of her book specially Gift Wrapped for the Holidays to one lucky Winner!  Value of $35.00
This is an International Giveaway! 
1) Enter by being a follower of Art by Karena Via Email, GFC, or Linky in my right hand corner. 
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The winner will be chosen on Friday December 7th at Midnight EST.
Be sure to visit Pamela's Blog-site From the House of Edward and her Book Site; From the House of Edward, Essays by Pamela Terry 
The House of Edward is a stunning book full of wonderful illustrations that is a perfect gift for anyone!!  Any orders through December will be specially gift wrapped!
Thank you to my wonderfully faithful friends and family. I appreciate you more than you know!
Art by Karena 

Disclosure: Pamela was so gracious to send me my own copy of her book "From the House of Edward, Essays by Pamela Terry"

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Scalamandre Winner! Also gifts for the Holidays!

Dear Friends, Family, & Faithful Readers, I hope that you are enjoying the remainder of the long Holiday Weekend. This year more than ever I have found more and more to be thankful for.
I am so pleased to announce the winner of the Zebra Umbrella Giveaway from Scalamandre! 
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Art by Karena
Look for my next post featuring a name many will be familiar with; including another Giveaway!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scalamandre Special Giveaway

Giveaway Courtesy of Scalamandre!

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Marco Ricca Studio
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The Kips Bay Decorator Home Foyer by Bryant Keller. The photographer: Marco Ricca Studio.
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