Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaway Events # 1 from Dovecote Decor!

I am so excited to kick off the Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaways Event with a very special Gift from Liz at Dovecote Decor.
Liz lives in the historic Winston-Salem, NC area adjacent to the renowned High Point city and market.

She is generous beyond and someone will be the recipient of  her largess! Liz saw this chest at High Point Market and of everything there, it was her favorite!. We had discussed her involvement and she felt this would be perfect! I had no idea she was going to come up with something so very unique!

The Chest is Solid Walnut with Oak and Brass
28"w x 22"d x 30"h
Faux Tortoise Fine Cast Brass
$1,200.00 retail value. 
I can see this chest as a nightstand in the master bedroom. As an occasional  piece for a family room, fabulous! It would turn a small entry wall into a focal point!
To enter for a chance to win this gorgeous piece of furniture: This Giveaway is for USA Residents only 

1)  Go to the Dovecote Decor Blog and become a Follower then click through to see her amazing shop Dovecote Decor return to let me know what you love ( a most stunning assortment of furnishings) there or comment on where you might use this fabulous chest.

 2) For additional entries Be a Follower of Art by Karena

3)Like Dovecote Decor on Facebook

4) Post this Event on your own Site in your sidebar; Spread the Love for the Holidays!

Please enter each separately as I use Random .org to choose the Winner!!

The winner will be chosen on December 15th! Some of our Gifts will have short turnarounds (the next for example) so come back often to check on what is new and you can enter any of the Open Events any time during the Holiday Event. I will keep them all in my side column to click to go to the post to enter!

I know this will be fun for everyone! 

There will be many International Giveaways coming up!

Happy Holidays!


Art by Karena

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Table with Isabella & Reminder of our Twelve Days of Holidays Giveaway Event!

My beautiful granddaughter Isabella has been staying with me this past week and helping me with so much!

She has decided to be an Interior Designer and loves to come over and change the decor around in my condominium!

We decided to take the Thanksgiving decor down and do a Christmas Holiday Table. So much of my holiday decorations are packed away right now. Look how she made what we had available ( mainly) in the Living Room Armoir work for the tablescape. She also plans to put out more crystal stemware, etc.

How fortunate can I be to have a family and friends that care about me so much!

Come back later this week for the start of our Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaway Event!

Thank you to Sherry of No Minimalist Here for the certificate to Novica.  Novica is a wonderful Free Trade Organization. I have ordered a wonderful woven Alpaca Scarf for my Father.

Also I could not believe it when Tamara of Get It Girl Style informed my that I am the recipient of a $50 gift card to Home Goods! Thank you Tamara! Be sure to visit her wonderful blog!

You can see how I have much to pay forward so you will all be thrilled with this Holiday Seasons Bounty!


Art by Karena

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Story of Love and Thanksgiving

Recently I was witness to a few moments of love and caring so heartwarming it has left an indelible impression on me.

 Many of you know that I had been in rehab facility after  having a hip replacement surgery. I am now at home receiving excellent in- home health care. Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

I met patients of all ages in all stages of recovery.

One day while waiting for a friend to arrive, I sat in the common area. An elderly woman was sitting across from me with her daughter. This was a woman who was having a very difficult time while in rehab and had taken several bad falls while trying to recover.

I watched while the patients daughter gently put curlers in her mothers hair. She then softly took her hands in hers and buffed her Mother's fingernails. What touched me so was the look in both the Mother and Daughters eyes.

The endearing gratitude in the elderly ladies eyes and the daughters eyes shining with the everlasting love for her Mother.

I thought about how a touch, a glance, holding a hand; something that may seem so very simple can give one a reason to go on, a purpose, something for which to be forever grateful . 

We all have the power to make a difference.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and your Loved Ones.

Love and Hugs

Art by Karena

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