Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Winner and an Award !!

A Winner

Katherine Cromer the creative genius behind Blydesign Jewelry offered the fabulous Hammered Brass Necklace from her collection. It is valued at $230!The winner chosen by Random.org
running the numbers 1-176 is #6

Carla Aston of Design in the Woods and Aston Design Studio Blog

Congratulations to Carla!

Also...................Renae of  

Renae Moore Designs is a fabulous Interior Designer and has so generously awarded me the Super Comments Award.
I have ten burning questions to answer (I know you can't wait!)

1)Why do you blog?

K: Blogging has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have friends throughout the world who follow me. I respond and visit their sites to chat as much as I can.

2)name your three best memories.

K) My son's wedding which was so special, so heartwarming.

 Going to London for my late husbands 40th birthday! It was a dejavu experience for me. I loved the city and all of the theatre we experienced,The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Mouse Trap.

 Going to Montreux Switzerland and taking The Orient Express through the Alps seeing Mont Blanc, stopping in villages in France and Italy along the way. Magical!

3)Name 4 of the best fiction books I have read.

K) Oh so many, a few would be Pillars of the Earth, Loving Frank, Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling, Brave New World, Jane Eyre. Almost any Art, Interior Design and Architecture books as well.

4) What are the 5 best movies ever made?

K) I know there are many published lists on the best 100 etc...for me Gone with the Wind, Holiday, Pay it Forward, Dream Girls, Chicago. For fun What about Bob.

5)Name 5 things you cannot live without.

K) My family and friends. My computer and camera.Books that take me away. My Art-Painting. My Memories. My cat Miss Belle.

6) If you could change your name what would it be?

K) In a way I have, because my legal name is Karen Roederer Tremonti Albert. I love my French heritage and thus my artist and blog name has become Karena.

7) Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself.

K) I am much stronger than I look. I can come out of major surgery, must put my best face on, showing those who love me that I shall survive!!

Oh and that I would have loved to be a prima ballerina.

8) What do you love best about yourself?

K) My faith, my capacity to love, share. being the eldest of eight gave me the ability to be strong and be responsible.

9) If you had a Freaky Friday Experience who would it be with?

K) Josephine Bonaparte or Audrey Hepburn in her later years.

10)What is the best thing about being a woman?

K) For me, it is the ability to have great strength, a true intuition, to be able to always be open to love. In this age to be able to break all barriers and glass ceilings.

Whew! That was a lot and really had me thinking of how fortunate I am. Thank you all who have joined me in this adventure, for there is much more to come!

The Super Comments Award and torch is passed to:

Andrea of the French Basketeer

Anita at A Dreamers Den

Collette Van Den Thillart at NH Design

Eddie Ross of Eddie Ross!

Julia at Belle Vivir

Stacey of quintessence

Also I am in the midst of moving the blogs I am faithfully following to the front of my site, somehow they are divided half on front and half on back!

Art by Karen

Sunday, January 9, 2011

$230 Designer Necklace Jewelry Giveaway by Blydesign

Kindu Hammered Brass Necklace

Giveaway Necklace

Kindu Hammered Brass

Classic and Fabulous with almost any ensemble!K: How did your world of design evolve from your previous careers?

I studied classical piano since I was very young and continued the study of this instrument through college. After graduating with a degree in music, I began earning a living playing the piano and teaching others to do the same. Weather creating music or crafting jewelry...I just have a love for all things creative. K: What influences have you had that inspire you to create your jewelry designs?

I discovered my passion for jewelry design after coming across some old, chandelier crystals in my late Grandmother's house. I was struck by the beauty of each crystal and yearned to create a necklace that would keep one of the crystals close to my heart.

K: How do you decide on the stones and precious metals etc that you choose for your jewelry?

When creating my designs, I am really drawn to elements which have opposite qualities. I like to join matte findings like vintage, raw brass with something that sparkles and shines like crystal or pyrite.

Spring Line

Shane Earrings

Nedda Earrings

Agate Coasters

K: Does the future hold more in store and what direction do you see yourself heading?

What I love about design in general, is that it is constantly evolving. You never know which direction its headed. One avenue I am really excited about pursuing is bridal jewelry. I remember when I was a bride, it was very difficult to find jewelry that didn't look like it belonged in a pageant. I hope to offer brides one-of-a-kind pieces that maintain classic, elegance but feel fresh and modern.

Hammered Brass Cuff with Amethyst Antique StonesK:Do you have any special advice for young entrepreneurs?

Think outside of the box!

K: Where can people find your jewelry?
My jewelry is currently for sale at www.blydesign.com, www.maxandchloe.com, Luxe Home Couture (Charlotte, NC), Black and Blue (Charlotte NC) and Olive (Jacksonville, FL).

Thank you, Katherine for a great interview and for sponsoring this fabulous necklace giveaway!
Katherine's designs are worn by many celebrities!

To Enter this fabulous Giveaway from Katherine the founder and designer at her company Blydesign: You must do the following:
1) Follow my site Art by Karena
2) Go to Blydesigns, become a Follower on her site/ visit Blydesigns.com to view her selection, and come back and comment!
The winner will be chosen and announced on the 24th of January!! Just in time for a Valentines Day Gift!!

Art by Karena

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