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The Windows of Buck House: Fabulous Fictional Females by Deborah Buck

The Windows of Buck House: Fabulous Fictional Females
by Deborah Buck

Deborah Buck is an artist extraordinaire, designer, entrepreneur  and author. She is president of Buck House, the company she founded to incorporate her independant art and design endeavors. In addition Buck is a professionally trained gourmet chef, a certified instructor of French Cuisine.

A. Muse, Paramour-Bohemian, Paris France 1934, Detail

This book celebrates The Windows of Buck House. Buck House, which Deborah opened in 2001 as a New York arts and antiques emporium, immediately garnered a following of fellow stylish tastemakers. Now closed, however the shop was open for eleven years as THE destination for those seeking distinctive gifts, art and furnishings.

Velocity la Rue, Automobile Designer, Detroit, Michigan 1960

Soon Deborah's artistic talents led to the creation of  the 6 x 6 foot bi-monthly windows  featuring Fictional Fabulous Women. These  included Anna Force, New York Ad Executive,  Goldy Bank, Geneva Investment banker,  Sheelock Holmes, London Detective;  a collection of 22 formidable female characters in all.

Queenie, Royal Head of State, London 2012

These superb installations show us the unique lives of these fabulous women;  encapsulated in a jewel box window setting, diorama style, with many of the accoutrements of their exciting and ground-breaking lives!

Belmont Blue, Jockey, Baltimore 1973- Detail

Buck has also included with each chapter and installation the autobiographical declaration from each woman...fascinating beyond. Women of style, substance and strength. Her writing will take you away to another world!

Alexandria Tombs: Egyptologist, Valley of the Kings, Egypt 2009

Deborah Buck with some of her infamous Abstract Art in the background

Book Courtesy of Acanthus Press
Images Courtesy of Deborah Buck
Photography by Jaka Vinsek

Deborah's Fine Art can be found at 
For additional information on Buck House; 

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Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

I absolutely LOVE the concept of this book! Such beautiful images! What a creative idea! The examples shown are terrific - it's wonderful to see "automobile designer" and "jockey" - titles usually reserved for men. I'm very intrigued and want to read their stories!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Oh my goodness, love this! Vignettes are my favorites, and windows are a part of that for me!
On my list.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

She seems like such a fun creative woman and the book looks super. Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!!

La Contessa said...

I will add that to my list!

Stacy Curran said...

Looks like a great to add to my long list!

designchic said...

It looks like a wonderful book - love the cover!!

Karena Albert said...

Every woman should have this book!! It will start conversations for years to come!

The Arts by Karena

Marti Magna said...

I like your Blog, Thanks for the intro to the Buck House Book need to get this book.

Emily Heston said...

Oh my, how did I ever miss visiting the Buck House in NY?? It looks extraordinary Karena, thank you for this, must put book on my list!

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