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Pedro S. De Movellan: Complete Works, 1990-2012

Carbon Halo 2008 Carbon powder laminate, powder coated aluminum and brass,brushed aluminum and stainless steel Maximum height 20 inches, maximum swing 22 inches

I am honored to present this recent book featuring the  complete works of art by Pedro S. De Movellan, one of the most renowned kinetic sculptors of this era. As the son of both an architect and an abstract painter, there are influences and balances from each pattern of genetics to be seen in his very individualistic and incredible works.

Lavanter, 2004, Powder coated aluminum, brass and stainless steel

Each work of art is graceful and refined, the components detailed and exquisitely moving, literally!

Swiss Movement, 1993, mahogany, maple, bronze and mixed metals 108 x 98 x 16 inches including base

Ranging in scale from the artist's first outdoor sculpture, the eight-foot-tall Lily in polished aluminum and gold leaf to the most recent carbon fiber works weighing mere ounces, this tome includes every sculpture de Movellán has created throughout his career. 

Untitled 2011 Carbon fiber laminate and tube, and powder coated aluminum  maximum height 18.5 , maximum swing 18'

You will find finely detailed conceptual sketches and schematics for select works that are absolutely intricate in their elements and structure. De Movellan even shows and explains specifications of  the drive mechanisms that make for such magical movement in his works of art.

Artist sketch, details, and design elements of Swiss Movement courtesy of the artist

Whether you are a collector, curator or an inquisitive fan of contemporary art the purchase of  Pedro S. De Movellan: Complete Works, 1990-2012 By Maxwell Davidson 1V and Charles C. Davidson is  an excellent addition to your design library. 

Press copy and images courtesy of  Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Thank you to my friends and followers who support the arts!

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Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I really enjoyed this book too, Karena! Sculpture is one of my favorite arts!

Leslie said...

Interesting contemporary work Karena. It was amazes me what can be created from various materials. Happy. Eastee🐰

Leslie said...


La Petite Gallery said...

Really liked this post. It inspired me, to try to pick up the brushes.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Come and visit me sometime. yvonne

Stacy CUrran said...

I don't know much about sculpture, but this looks really interesting!

My Notting Hill said...

So interesting to to see the sketch as well as the works. Reminds you that sculpture might have its start as 2D.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Karena! I am way behind in my visits, but I must say that I admire artists who see beyond the canvas. I would NEVER think of using metal in this way, though my father was good at this sort of art. Lovely works do you display, and also, thank you for coming to visit. Bless you dear one, and may your spring get off to a good start! Anita

Decor To Adore said...

While this is not my favorite genre in art I can appreciate Lavanter. :)

Glamour Drops said...

Love this kind of sculpture - so much so that I did my final year of school art project on kinetic art.

But what is especially interesting here is to see the sketch and then the finished work. Fascinating to see how it evolved!

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