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The 2013 Designer Series featuring Barry Darr Dixon

Barry is a renowned Interior Designer practicing from the Virginia countryside near Washington DC.  He has been on Good Morning America and HGTV.
His projects have been featured prominently in many Shelter Magazines including Veranda, Southern Accents, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home, and Traditional Home. 

Part of Barry's Design Philosophy
"Successful design emanates a feeling, not just a look. Nuance is employed to fine tune the whole to the personality of the individual. In the best instances the effect is a magical aesthetic harmony that is not initially surprising, at least not jolting. Upon inspection or reflection however, the effect is cleverly unexpected, bridging past with present bringing the best of history into the future."
Barry, welcome to The 2013 Designer Series

1)    Please tell us about your early years and when Interior Design became your lifetime calling. 

Moving from place to place in my nomadic childhood, (my dad worked for a foreign corporation) allowed constant, vibrant change to our living environment. I was bitten by the design bug early on…

      2) Your own home, Historic Elway Hall, an Edwardian style Estate which includes 17 fireplaces in the  Virginia Countryside, was recently featured in Ronda Rice Carmen’s book, “Designer’s At Home”. Does your own home exemplify your overall design style, taste and aesthetic? 

  My personal style, yes, but each of our clients has his/her own style.

3)  Where do you derive the inspiration that ultimately leads to a fabric in your sumptuous Collection with Vervain, the unique Collection with Moussa and Arteriors, or your Bespoke Furnishings with Tomlinson? 

Anywhere and everywhere! Foreign cultures, our aesthetic past, abstractions of form, color, and of course, primarily, the natural world around us…

4)   Your use of color is renowned! How does the space call to you a certain combination of blues, violets, and amethyst for example? Do you try to adhere to your client’s idea of color or suggest to them they give you the freedom to surprise them? 

Of course we find out what colors our clients love, as a start. But we also look beyond the windows of a space and pay homage to the “view of the world” that is innate to every room…

5)   Details, Details, Details! As one’s eyes wander around one of your rooms, nothing jumps out startlingly; however nearly every single piece of furniture, fabric, curtain panel, or accessory has your mark on it. Distinctly unique. When does this talent of the perfect trim or use of an antique come to you in the design process? 

1)    This comes near the end of each individual concept… Big picture to fine-tuned detail. For a window treatment we’d first imagine the general shape & complexity of the best overall solution; then the fabric/pattern/color that seems appropriate, then the trim & application that modifies/underscores our approach in the best way.

6)   How important is the inclusion of original art and antiques to you in a design project? 

Absolutely imperative… art and
antiques are not only the soul of the interior, but the most personal elements of expression.

7)   Barry, whose works do you admire and also have you had a mentor in the business? 

No actual mentor, but I’m heavily influenced by many… Lutyens, Fortuny and Morris come to mind, and more recently Albert Hadley, Rose Tarlow and John Saladino have changed the way I see things.

8)   Finally what words of advice do you have for the beginning entrepreneur? 

Be brave and original, yet pay homage to the evolution of design… 

Excellent! Thank you so much Barry for sharing so much of your design aesthetic and these gorgeous images!

I know that Barry would appreciate any comments you would leave !

You can reach Barry through his website
His latest books which I highly recommend  are:

Barry Dixon Inspirations and Barry Dixon Interiors

Purchase at Barry Dixon Books

I received copies of these to review and trust me,you will spend hours browsing through every sumptuous page!

Thank you as well to my readers who support the arts !
Art by Karena


MJH DesignArts said...

Hi Karena,
Barry Dixon is one of my design heroes--always on point and creative.

House@heart said...

Very creative and stylish!! Thanks for sharing his thoughts and work!! I like it!!


peggy braswell said...

Hi: I loved reading about BD + he is a favorite.

Woodside Park said...

What a treat, Karena! Thanks for this interview with one of the biggest designers working today. Enjoyed it!! I'm a huge Barry fan.
x Loi

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Karena...great interview...and with such a talented and well known go girl!

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

Great interview with a style icon!
All best,

Ivy Clad said...

I really enjoyed this interview & now must get Ronda's book to see more of Barry's home!


carolyn bradford said...

Your posts always inspire me! And of course, Barry is one of my absolute favorites! I had so much fun doing a post on him about a year ago, I think? Not sure…but this was wonderful! I have loved getting to know him better this past year. Thanks for sharing this and for stopping by Vintage Mulberry! I've missed being a part of my blogging world lately! It's so good to hear from you!

cindy hattersley design said...


What a wonderful post honoring a most talented designer. I am particularly enamored of that lovely kitchen!

Lisa Mende Design said...

Great interview!!!

My Notting Hill said...

Great interview. I've met Barry and he really is a genuine person with such a lovely manner - a true top notch person, along with being such a wonderful designer.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Paisley Curtain said...

Very informative interview, he is a good designer and a good human being :)

Best wishes

Mise said...

How lovely. His work is new to me, but the rooms depicted look full of comfort and grace. Interior design is my favourite branch of the High Arts; let's have more!

And thanks for your kind wishes, Karena, and I hope you are keeping very well.

Laura Moya - Professional Doctorate said...

It seems that your grandfather had some priceless business advice. It make sense if you had two different businesses in one then you would be statistically more likely to succeed.

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Decor To Adore said...

An amazingly talented man!

Fashion-isha said...

The cone lights are incredible! Great interview and photos!

Karena said...

Thank you all for great comments, I know Barry loves them and do share with friends!!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Karena...I so loved this interview...Barry Dixon is one of my very favorite designers! the point where I had my hubby drive me to a Southern Accents Showcase Home years ago (over a 4 hour drive) near the Homestead in Virginia...the home was over the top gorgeous...We toured it for hours...then we had a great late lunch at the Homestead...then a long drive home..I know, my hubby, what a guy, but he knew how much I loved Barry Dixon's designs....well worth the long day and drive!!!...Thanks Karena!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Barry is certainly a talented designer....... Love the shot with the back of the dining chairs....
Very nice post.
Maryanne xxoo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH MY! Those grays, whites and kitchen and foyer images are sleek and stunning. You always feature the most gorgeous designers! Hello Karen! I am loving your new profile photo, and thank you so much for coming to read my post. All is well. I hope that you are enjoying a recovery period that will only lead to strength and vitality for the coming winter. Hugs and thank you that we are always together somehow, some way. Anita

Johanna Garrett said...

Nice works Barry! Are those pictures posted were yours? I would love to renovate my kitchen but still working on a budget. I hope I can afford you. Thanks!

Mary said...

Great interview, Karena! I love Barry's philosophy on design and the importance of color, art and antiques. Thank you.

24 Corners said...

Another inspiring interview Karena!
To be 'brave & original' is fabulous advice and can be applied to so many areas in life...thank you Barry!
xo J~

Mr Paul said...

Such a great interview Karena. Barry is not only super talented but quite dishy too:)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Karen!!!!

Wishing YOU a healing day in all ways. Thank you my dear friend for coming to leave a comment. You are so dear...Anita

Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan said...

Beautiful work! Wonderful interview Karena!
Jennifer :)

Sevaa said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading this post..Good job.

christina @ greige said...

One of my favorites! I love this!

Have a great weekend!
Christina :)

Student Inspector said...

Wow! I love Barry Dixon's designs, they are extraordinary!

Student Inspector said...

Wow! I love Barry Dixon's designs, they are extraordinary!

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