Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Artists Series: Anne Harwell

Introducing Anne Harwell, a most talented artist and author of the blog Annechovie 

Please enjoy our conversation below and some of Anne's works of art!

1) Anne, tell us about your beginnings and the pursuit of an art career.

I have always been artsy and crafty since preschool, but I never grew up with any sense or goal of being an "artist" per se. I honestly kind of just fell into it in my 20's after finding I liked working in watercolors on boring Winter evenings. Things slowly evolved from there and I started selling my work in a home & antiques shop my parents used to own in Atlanta. The rest is history but involves a whole lot of work, ups and downs and some great opportunities and many disappointments I had to push through.

One of Anne's most popular prints, The Courtney Barnes Chair

2) Did you have encouragement from a mentor, or are there certain artist’s works that you admire?

    To be honest, I have admired other artists, namely Monet, Matisse, Bonnard, Mark Hampton and others but have not had a formal "art education" so to speak. I don't use any specific technique other than what just feels right to me. I would make a horrible art teacher because I do not have an exhaustive knowledge of art history or technique. The Nike motto applies to me when painting and sums up the way I work - "Just Do It".
Chanel #5 
      3) You do have a very distinctive style. How did your genre come about and    would you tell our readers about your methodology
      don't use any specific technique other than what just feels right to me. I would make a horrible art teacher because I do not have an exhaustive knowledge of art history or technique. The Nike motto applies to me when painting and sums up the way I work - "Just Do It". I probably lean more towards saturated, clear colors and am not all that attracted to muted tones. Several people have told me that my colors are "happy" and I am glad that's what comes across.
Worcester Porcelain Jar

    There's so much darkness and heaviness in this world and even though life is not always upbeat, I am an optimist and prefer to focus on the positive. Honestly, I am one of those people who doesn't have a staid regimen and doesn't do anything by the book. I just implement the "LOOK LONG AND CLOSELY AND ABSORB" method. LOL. Anything that has developed with me came by digesting tons of paintings, magazines, books, etc. and then working by trial and error to paint what was in my head. I started out with watercolor and have found myself moving more towards acrylic and even oils now. 
     I am a work in progress and have a looong way to go, but I have learned to enjoy the journey. I am a firm believer that God gifts us with all and any talents that we have and my personal relationship with Him is a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation that has helped me to grow and develop more than anything else.

Ginger Jar #2
      4)  Do you work in a studio or do you have a dedicated area in your home? (if you have a studio could you send an image?)
I    I work in a studio area that is part of my home now. I am moving into a new home with my husband in 2 weeks, so will have a completely dedicated room to work from where I can just shut the doors on my art mess and leave it undisturbed.
Peonies and Paisley

5) You must have a fine print-maker (I have several of your chair series prints) How does an artist find one where you can be sure of good quality control?
II    I now print most all of my own work and carefully researched printers, ink and paper before I found what worked best for me and produced the highest quality print. I am happy with my method now because so many of my customers tell me that the prints look exactly like an original.

Chairs Series Notecards

Ginger Jar Pillow
6) When did the light bulb go on so brightly to start licensing your art and are you pleased with the results?
    Actually, I was blessed to be approached by a company for my first licensing contract and didn't do the initial chasing, although I continue to seek out great opportunities now for licensing more of my work.

Hermes Bag
     7) What is the best way for our readers to reach you with any inquiries
      They can contact me via a convo on my Etsy page or email me direct at:
      Other Links for Anne are:
      Etsy store:  

Anne does Custom work, simply send her an inquiry; also custom pet silhouettes on Canvas

Custom Pet Silhouettes

      8) Lastly, Anne, What words of advice do you have for the beginning artist of any age?
Follow your natural bent and passion, don't shy away from hard work and don't give up when there's not immediate gratification or open doors!

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THROUGH 8-25-13!! 

Anne, Thank you so much for participating in The 2013 Artists Series.
I love the Pop-Art quality to your work, although I know you do very traditional renderings as well. 

Wishing you and your new husband much happiness and a bright future together!

Dear Readers, Thank you for supporting the arts and please leave a comment for Anne!

Art by Karena

Images Courtesy of Anne Harwell


Patrice said...

Anne, your work is lovely. I really enjoyed this interview. Don't worry about art education. I know people with advanced degrees in art who don't make a penny in the art field. Keep up the good work!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Karena, I love Anne's work and the colors are beautiful!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Anne is one of the most talented and kind artist. I ADORE her work. I look forward to needlepointing one of her designs at some point.
Happy Wednesday.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I've always admired Anne's work. Great interview Karena!

Pura Vida said...

gosh I love the Channel perfume bottle!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

What lovely illustrations - really beautiful, stylish and fresh!! I'll have to visit Annechovie. Great blog name :)

Thanks for continuing your series on artists, Karena.

x Loi

Tamera Beardsley said...

Another great interview! I enjoy being introduced to new artists and designers. Anne's work is not only beautiful... but imbues such a feeling of cheerfulness!

Andrea said...

I absolutely love Anne's work! What a great interview!!

The Glam Pad

Splendid Market said...

Oh, what wonderful pieces, so fresh. I love the pet silhouettes. Thank you for this new discovery Karena!

I Dream Of said...

Karena, Thanks for this lovely inspiring profile. Just what I needed today.

Anne, thanks for sharing about yourself and your work. I loved reading about you!

XO to both of you!

House@heart said...

Thank you, Karena for introducing Anne's lovely work! I like it because of its freshness and optimistic colours!!


House@heart said...

Karen, not Karena!:) And it's "good night " for me!:))

Leslie said...

Here illustrations are so pretty K and I like her blog name :) The Chanel and Ginger Jars are my favorite! Thanks for the introduction! xxleslie

Karen Albert said...

To all of my dear friends and followers; Karena is my art name and nearly everyone calls me that!


Linda Merrill said...

Nice to hear more about Anne's background and process !

ArchitectDesign™ said...

She is everywhere and just so sweet -she deserves all of her success!


Ah, Karena, you have found another beautiful artist. Thanks.


peggy braswell said...

Love these, Karena. Anne you are a wonderful artist.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

thanks for sharing her work...she is very creative.

MJH DesignArts said...

I love Anne's work. The colors, the themes make me sit back and haaaaaa!
Super post.

therelishedroost said...

Love Anne! I have a few lovely blue asian jar prints of her's and my calling cards are from her Etsy store as well, she is such a talent!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Love her, chair art, I have always taken notice of different artist an their work in furniture art it's the designer in me :)
The ginger jars are really tranquil so zen, a beautiful fit for my aunts home where her collection of ginger jars take over her spaces.

Thank you dear sweet friend for taking the time once again to visit leaving a comment that warms my heart.
The pillow arrived I married adventure. I think the pillow was a promotional pillow to her book. One side velvet the print side was of a plastic print, like those plastic pic-nick table cloths with a print on them.
Would have loved to have had the designer print it on fabric would have been a great novelty pillow to display.
The construction of the fabric side well done.

Karena, you my dear are a busy blogger bringing the joy of fine arts to your site to educate us on different mediums artistically.
I have the bug to go paint something today, thank you for the nudge in the right direction.

Blessings in abundance to you.
Many days ahead that inspire your heart.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm another huge fan of Anne's. Her work is 'happy' and her optimism and kind spirit shines in each one. I gave my eldest daughter one of Anne's prints one year and it hangs proudly in her home.

Anne & her new husband are one gorgeous couple and I wish them an abundance of love and happiness!

x Deb

Mise said...

What lovely work from Anne. I do like paintings of interior/design objects; they deserve the validity of being depicted from a more personal perspective than photography, and a beautifully designed object when painted yields some sort of metabeauty.

The chair prints are especially super!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Her prints are so fun! She's quite the beauty too!

Oussama Bl. said...

These are adorable piece of arts! Good job Anne, with all my congratulations for your marriage!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

I love Anne and her work. SHe is so relateable and seemingly easy going. She is always responsive and kind as a blogger and I am so happy for her recent marriage and now new home! Bests wishes to her and thanks for featuring her Karena!
xo Nancy

24 Corners said...

Another wonderful interview...having a peak inside the creative mind of an artist is always so fascinating!
Anne's bright & cheery seems to reflect her personality, and I particularly love the pet silhouettes, such lovely idea. Wonder how Ginger and Zoe would look silhouetted?!
xo J~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE HER PET SILHOUETTES! So she is the one behind that painting of the chair; I've seen that and it's so beautiful! I have to comment....that gentleman she is with is FABULOUS!!!!!

Karen, thank you dear one for coming by today. I love the new color of your blog! How are you feeling?Anita

Lisa Mende Design said...

I read this interview and thought I left a comment but I don't see it, so am leaving one now! I adore Anne's bright colorful art! she is truly talented!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Hi Karena and Anne! What a beautiful post and I so love Anne's work. Her art is so refreshing and I have several of her pieces and use them in my interior work. Anne's art brings a wall to life!
my best wishes to both of you lovely ladies!

carolyn bradford said...

I'm so glad I saw this tonight, Karen! Fabulous post! What incredible talent! Her work is familiar to me but I have never really studied all that she does. I'm so thankful to know about her! I will definitely be checking it out so I can enjoy even more of it! Hope you are doing well! I sure do miss reading your posts! I am vowing to do better and hoping I can make the time to read the blogs I love and stay in touch! Thanks for always making such sweet comments on my blog…I truly appreciate it!

Fashion-isha said...

Nice interview and the art is amazing! Thank you for your wonderful comment on my modesty post!

CDS said...

I love love love Anne's work and adore her blog! So glad you featured her! XO

pve design said...

Although Anne and I have never met, she is a kindred artist, blog friend and full of whimsy~ and full of faith.
Love her and so delighted to call her my friend.
She inspired me to start my blog and we have had many great chats.

annechovie said...

A very heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone for their gracious comments and kind words and especially to Karen for featuring my work and for her support and friendship via blogging.

Harrison Howard said...

I've watched your work Anne over the last several years and I believe I'd recognize any one of your paintings instantly anywhere. Your images have great color, charm, individuality, and they make people feel better for having looked at them.

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