Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Blink of an Eye

Today's post is about something I have been thinking about so much lately. In light of recent world events that can seem so far away, and while we are praying for those in Paris and across the world, I am bringing this letter close to home.

In America we are coming upon the Season of Giving. While we celebrate with our loved ones, there is often an empty chair at the table. Someone we lost too soon in life, or an elderly relative who has passed on to the next world; hopefully one full of peace and love.

I want to ask you to start taking time. Time to say thank you, to pay a compliment, to be kind, to invite a lonely person to join your family dinner. Reach out to a friend you've lost touch with over the years. Gestures like this can make a difference stretching as far and wide as saving that person's life and giving them hope.

Recently I gave an India Hicks Benefit Event for the Birthday Party Project to help give special birthdays to children in a Safe Home or Shelter. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in some time! 

Coming up in two weeks will be an India Hicks Event to Benefit the World Aid Foundation with Elizabeth Alex ( one of our local celebrities and former newscaster.)

A friend recently said to me, after all we do not achieve success or greatness alone. Let us take time to choose a gift for those who have helped us in some way throughout the year. Your office assistant, best friend, babysitter, design staff, anyone who has been there for you. It is so simple really and has a long lasting effect to the recipient of your gratitude and thoughtfulness.

I can help you, please email me at artbykarenablog@gmail.com or go to my site www.indiahicks.com/rep/karenalbert. You will be rewarded a thousand fold in so many ways!

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