Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Enlightened Blooms: Solarized Diptych Floral Photographs by Brad Oliphant

Forward by Russell Hart

Tulipa ‘Black Parrot’ | Parrot Tulip

Brad Oliphant has had a camera in hand for forty years. Even as a child climbing trees on the family horse ranch, capturing birds and the magic of newborn colts, he was ready for the action and beauty he saw through an artists eyes. Later as a fashion and commercial photographer, he found that he had a  need for more adventure, and turned to nature, finding  flowers to photograph in a most unique and incredible way.

In this book, Brad desired and has succeeded in presenting to us, from an array of thousands of floral images taken, diptychs of flowers in a uniquely new perspective. These few chosen images cannot begin to convey the beauty and enchantment of this book. After a long winter, what could be more satisfying and awe- inspiring than to page through hundreds of flowers that glow from within with an almost indescribable magic.

Nymphaea odorata | Water Lily

Amaryllis belladonna | Amaryllis

Malus domestica | Apple Tree

Dahlia hortensis | Dahlia ‘Red and White’

 Tulipa ‘Rococo’ | Parrot Tulip

Add to your libraries collection of fine art books  and purchase Enlightened Blooms: Solarized Diptych Floral Photographs , full of an exquisite new body of work at or your local bookseller. You will be so profoundly pleased that you did, and I certainly cherish my copy!

Brad's fine art website can be found at and I feel you will enjoy it immensely!

The tremendous amount of  travel, patience and hours of work to create these works of art may be deceiving to some, make no mistake though, this gorgeous and evocative book has been a true labor of love for Mr. Oliphant!

Brad's offers prints, posters, metal prints/ canvas prints, greet cards and digital downloads all for prices and sizes ranging from an 8” X 12” for $45, to a 40” X 60” for $1,115.00. He even offers gift cards. Brad also has options for different types of photographic papers, each differing  in price.  It all can be found easily on his website or contact him for additional information (contact info on Brad's site). On his website, on the bottom “navbar” on each gallery of work, if you click on the “purchase/order cart” you will have an array of items and prices to choose from within his website

Fine Art Photographer Brad Oliphant

From Enlightened Blooms: Solarized Diptych Florals by Brad Oliphant, © 2015, published by Glitterati Incorporated www.GlitteratiIncorporated

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Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

absolutely, gobsmackingly exquisite photos ... I'll search out this book on my next foray to Barnes and Noble.

Thanks for sharing!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

So creative and beautiful! What a beautiful way to look differently at nature. So much color and vibrancy!
Thanks for sharing, Karena!

peggybraswell said...

he is certainly a talent + must have his book.

La Contessa said...

YOU are in my INBOX TODAY!!!
BEAUTIFUL...........any flower gets my attention!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Seriously gorgeous! I am loving this photography!
Thank you for sharing, Karena.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Seriously gorgeous! I am loving this photography!
Thank you for sharing, Karena.

Dean Farris said...

So beautiful and au courant !

How much are they?


Karena Albert said...

I will find out Dean, have just emailed Brad.

Karen said...

This is right up my alley of interest. The parrot tulip photograph is amazing. What a fun book to have.

designchic said...

Wow…this looks gorgeous, Karena and I just had an arrangement done for a baby shower for a friend and it had white parrot tulips…stunning!

Mary Jo Matsumoto said...

These are lovely, like most people I have a love affair with flowers and never tire of looking at them in any form - these would be great prints!

xo Mary Jo

Vel Criste said...

This is beautiful art Karena! Thanks for wonderful introduction !

Vel Criste said...

This is beautiful art Karena! Thanks for wonderful introduction !

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Wow...amazing, amazing!...What an incredible talent Brad Oliphant is!!

Anonymous said...

Love them all but my favorite is the Beautiful Black Chinoiserie Tole Lamp in Tina's Living Room! Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great day. Kathy

ramya dtod said...

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