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Introducing The HighBoy for Art, Accessories and Antiques

The visionary founders of The HighBoy, Olga Granda-Scott and Douglas Scott

The HighBoy has become The online place to go for the very finest in Period Antiques, Art, and Artful Accessories. You can search the many categories by price, period, or even style. There are curated finds from dozens of art and antiques dealers available. Please enjoy our interview and getting to know more about this incredible business and the fascinating founders.

1) When did you have the “aha” moment, what was the impetus, the inspiration, that you wanted to bring your idea of this business to fruition?

Doug: “it was a combination of seeing an opportunity to address something missing in the marketplace and to share our successes of selling online for over 10 years.  Additionally, it was a desire to take action and do something in this industry that we very much care about.   We care about what happens to this industry.  I don't know if that message has gotten out there enough.

Olga: “it was more gradual than an “aha” moment. 
I grew up in the industry and as all other areas of my life were being improved by technology - my work needed the same innovation and excitement!”

An Important Pair of Qing Dynasty Monumental Vases

2) Did it surprise you that customers/clients would buy expensive art and antiques online, seeing only images?

Doug: No, not at all.  Back in 2001 when we first got started selling online, yes, we were more skeptical, but had little to lose. We had the benefit of growing it more gradually.

Olga: Not when the images are great and the source is a trusted vendor.
3) Where did the name “HighBoy” come from? (A Queen Anne highboy was my first purchase of fine furniture)
Doug: The name has been a bit tricky. Some people like it A LOT, and some less so. The HighBoy is a piece of furniture, as you note.  We wanted something that people within the industry would understand, yet have a lively, animated name that people outside the industry could have fun with as well.  We considered many names and this one just stuck.
Olga: Clearly, its a conversation starter. I love words that have multiple meanings, so we were intentional with selecting something that would allow us fun with double entendres. Who doesn’t want their business to ride "high"?

Swedish Rococo Period Chest of Drawers

"Olympic Robe" by Jim Dine

4) What are some your own favorite periods in history for arts and antiques?

Doug: I like Louis XVI and then Art Deco the most. Both of them are lighter and less ornamental, which is my taste. I find Art Deco very refined, classic and just cool. It was the perfect lead-up to Modern. In terms of art, I'm a fan of the 20th century all the way.  I think art was unleashed in the 20th century and allowed to roam.  
Olga: The 18th century witnessed such an escalation in craftsmanship and style across the globe that makes it so influential, I’d have to choose it as my favorite in the decorative arts. But in art I’d have to go with the Italian Renaissance

Personally, I collect objects that are religious and devotional in nature because there is a spiritual element which I find so profound.
Art Deco Burl Walnut Display Cabinet

5) The “Meet our Dealers” section on HighBoy is fantastic and so personal. Who are some of your favorite dealers, artists or artisans?

Doug: Well, as much as we try to bring out the dealers personalities, there's always a percentage that is only unveiled after food and wine.  Burt Lange from JBL in Miami is a classic storyteller and an absolute riot to hang out with.  I've known him for years. Also we're thrilled to see new, young dealers like Colby and Sarah from Arsenal Designed as well as Julia Santen Gallery and Ara from The Hub Gallery. But, I love them all, frankly.  We've been lucky to find such great partners.

Olga: I always felt that dealers were the unsung tastemakers of the design world, so it was important to me to establish a platform to tell their stories. I could never pick a favorite!

Pair of Neoclassical Mirrored Giltwood Sconces

"Portrait of Laura" by Ben Stahl

6) Where do you see the growth of interest in your business? Are you finding that younger people are making purchases?

Doug: We do see more interest among young collectors, and we'll continue to build relationships with them. Our goal is to move the needle on the industry itself and generate a greater awareness of antiques, vintage, modern - whatever you want to call it.  But furniture, art and objects with soul.  Maybe that should be our new tagline.  Nothing wrong with new items, per se, just not our cup of tea.
Olga: Younger professionals don’t want their homes to look exactly like their neighbor’s -- they want to live and create an environment that is personal and meaningful. That requires shopping elsewhere than the big box stores.

Vintage Italian Glass Disks Chandelier
Vintage Maison Jansen Blackened Top Coffee Table

7) Finally, what advice do you have for the budding entrepreneur?

Doug: Whoa.  Where to begin.  I need to write a book. But I think the adage "just do it" would be a great start. Of course you have to identify your niche, and detail the opportunity, but just get out there and find something that excites you. 

Olga: I believe that like most things in life, it’s all about facing your fears head on -- and not being afraid to ask for help when you need it most.
Original Lithograph by CORNEILLE

On a personal note:
1) How do you spend the rare time you have to relax?

Doug: Traveling.  Nothing is better for the soul or the mind.  Even just a weekend in the next town works for me.

Olga: With family and friends -- and usually a lot of food and drink!
2)     What are some of your favorite cities for travel?

Doug: New York will never let you down, but I'd really like to get back to Rome, which I have great memories of.  I have more cities I'd like to visit as a first-time, than those I'd like to revisit.  I have yet to visit London and Barcelona.

Domestically, I'd love to spend a week in Northern California on a wine tour somewhere.

Olga: Florence, Italy. Lyon, France.Washington, D.C. Anywhere Doug wants to go!

3)  Five things you cannot live without?

Doug: iPhone, travel, good food, good wine, family

Olga: family, friends, music, memories, and souvenirs!

4) How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

Doug: Classic with a heavy dash of the Rolling Stones.  I like to mix periods and styles, a lot, but to do that really well takes skill and artistry.  I think designers like Darryl Carter are exceptional at this, and have a great sense of balance, at least per my taste.  Plus he's irreverent, and I like how that comes out in his work. I had dinner at his house in Georgetown and was blown away. I just want to buy it from him and move in.  

Olga: Collected. Inspiring-- I like to surround myself with things that bring joy and inspiration to my daily life.
5) How does a dealer contact you and apply to be a member on HighBoy?

They should go to

Doug and Olga thank you so much for taking part in this very interesting interview which I know my readers will enjoy!

Please visit The HighBoy at

Dear Readers, If you see anything you love at The HighBoy, I would suggest acquiring it because their special pieces do sell fast.

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Much thanks go to Andrew Joseph PR for the introduction.

Thank you to my Family, Friends and Followers who Support The Arts

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The Buzz Blog said...

What a wonderful resource and a great interview, Karena! We love the Italian disc lighting with the Art Deco touch - one of our favorite periods as well. Congratulations on winning our I Dream Of watercolor giveaway! Email us your address so we know where to send it.
C + C

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Karena, I see you have won a GiveAway how wonderful.
As for this post I so enjoyed getting to know HighBoy and how they look at an online business as a big trend in resourcing business. I have a bit of trouble buying online because I am one of those who likes to touch and examine every purchase piece, yet online can also be a great resource to relaxing at home and planning out the next big design purchase order.
I like and love the horse art, it so reminds me of my grandfathers show horse.

Looking forward to the art piece you will be creating, nothing like my simple book page print glued to wood:)
I love seeing your creative pieces, I hope when you are finished you will find yourself sharing it with us and a bit of history on this fine artist... (You)



Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

This is such a beautiful interview. I can't wait to visit their website. I could find a place for everything here.
Happy Monday.

pretty pink tulips said...

Hi Karena,

What a wonderful interview! I had never heard of The Highboy before, but love Doug and Olga's approach. Such a perfect melding of knowledge and technology.

I read that they both want to go to Italy, Rome and Florence. After being there this past summer, I can't think of a better place for them to visit!

Happy Monday!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Terrific interview! And such beautiful pieces you're sharing with us. (hello! that Maison Jansen table!!)
I'm a big fan of HighBoy and look forward to their emails - I'd definitely recommend your readers to subscribe!
Thanks for this wonderful interview with such talented & interesting people!

La Contessa said...

Love the name too.............
That SWEDISH chest is calling my NAME!!!!!!!

MJH DesignArts said...

Hi Karena,
This is your best interview yet (they are all great). I'm a closet Rolling Stones fan and so is Jones who sings along to "Symphony With the Devil". The antiques and design industry needs visionaries such as Doug and Olga.
xoxo Mary

Jennifer Connolly said...

Great resource! Thanks for sharing this interview with us. I love those sconces!!
Enjoy your day!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Great interview and exquisite art and furnishings!...and must say that I love those sconces!!

peggybraswell said...

what a great interview + had never heard of them + must trot over to their website

Heather Lindstrom said...

I always enjoy your interviews, Karena! What beautiful pieces you shared! That Vintage Maison Jansen Blackened Top Coffee Table definitely caught my eye. I'm all for entrepreneurial vision. Great post! xx

Leslie said...

Wonderful interview Karena and thank you for the introduction! Gorgeous pieces .. and love that horse print! The furnishings you've featured here are just gorgeous. I will look forward to visiting their site! Enjoy your day:) xxleslie

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Karena,
Lovely interview and I was surprised that the one piece that Olga obviously loves to collect, that are religious and devotional in nature, is not being captioned.
Guess it is a Della Robbia adoration of the Christ child...?
Sending you hugs,

LBDDiaries said...

I am in love with the Art Deco Burl Walnut Display Cabinet! I have one piece and it goes with me no matter where we move! Great interview.

Karena Albert said...

Thank you so much for reading and making comments! I appreciate you all so much!
The Arts by Karena

Pura Vida said...

have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Jo Matsumoto said...

Hi Karena,

That was such an interesting interview. I love the aesthetic of classic with a heavy dash of rock and roll! (Maybe my next place)...Wishing you a wonderful weekend! I'm back blogging now and hope you'll stop by and say hello.

xo Mary Jo

Debra Phillips said...

wonderful introduction karena. lovely to see someone's passion become their life's work

Karen said...

This is so interesting. I recently read from a blog site that they purchased a piece of art from Highboy. I had never heard about their online store. It's good to know more about this wonderful resource.

Decor To Adore said...

I love the High Boy and follow then on Instagram. Such a grand selection!
Have a beautiful day dear one!

franki durbin said...

Great interview! Can't wait to shop their site.

Cindy Hattersley said...

Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful company...there is so much to love on their site!

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Karena, for gracing your beauty over at my place.
You amaze me my friend, do get creating and please share your art. Thank you for your visit, and thank you for leaving words that's settle in my heart.


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