Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jeff Koons: Conversations with Norman Rosenthal

" I want to be able to experience that revelation and absolute comprehension of opportunity, of what human potential can be, and then to be able to exercise that freedom."

Jeff Koons is undeniably one of the most prominent and iconic of 21st Century Pop Artists. This book of his conversations with Sir Norman Rosenthal, former exhibitions Secretary at the Royal Academy of Arts, London is an eye opener. It is full of depth and perceptions that will surprise and delight you. Sir Norman Rosenthal is also an independent art historian and curator.

Bourgeois Bust-Jeff and Ilona 1991, marble

Well over 250,000 people have viewed the Jeff Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in Chicago, which is open until October 19th, 2014.
Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating 

Two Ball Total Equilibrium Tank-Dr. J Silver Series 1985
glass, steel, sodium chloride reagent,distilled water, two basketballs

Enthusiasm for this  special art event is  not wavering; so in order to make each moment count, the Whitney Museum of American Art in Chicago will be open for a full 36 hour viewing marathon from 11 A.M  on Saturday October 18th until 11 P.M. on Sunday October 19th!

New Hoover Deluxe Shampoo Polishers-1980-1986
Three Shampoo Polishes, Acrylic and Fluorescent Lights

Banality Series: Michael Jackson and Bubbles
1988 porcelain

Jim Beam-J.B. Turner Train 1986
Stainless Steel and Bourbon

Landscape (Waterfall) II : 2007
Oil on Canvas

Stainless Steel

Jeff Koons is well known for many of his hugely over-sized art installations in public spaces throughout the world.

The Lips-2000 
Oil on Canvas

Please purchase Jeff Koons: Conversations with Norman Rosenthal at Amazon or your local book seller. It is a book for the consummate contemporary art collector and enthusiast!

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Mark D. Ruffner said...

Dear Karena,

I'm sure you're going to get a wide range of comments on the work of Jeff Koons, but there is no denying that he has a fertile imagination and loads of talent.

I'm attracted to the blue moon in the palace salon, and I can imagine that the original inhabitants would have enjoyed it, too.

Splendid Market said...

Lots of fun and color. I love the marathon opening, I'm sure that will be a fun evening.

Karena said...

Mark I must tell you that Blue Moon is one piece of his I really love!
xoxo K

Unknown said...

I made a point to visit the exhibit at the Whitney this summer. It was amazing how enormous the exhibit was. I wasn't completely familiar with all of his work, so some of it took me by surprise. I think my favorite of his work though was Split Rocker, which was the huge sculpture installation at Rock Center. Loved how it was an organic, living piece.

xo Elizabeth

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

His art definitely brings a smile to my face. So creative, and with a sense of humor.
Thanks for sharing!

La Contessa said...

YOU have LOST me here...........NOT a FAN.
I would Love to know WHO decides a person has talent!

MJH DesignArts said...

Hi Karena, Great review! Although slightly familiar with Jeff Koons, I have not been aware of his international influence. I'm now going to pay more attention. Thanks! (& xoxo)

Burlap Luxe said...

Eccentric in all sense of the word. Indeed he has a vivid range in creating, truly a moody artist, and the blue moon would be a choice of mine!

Karena, you keep us on our toes here, taking in all the art you post while opening our imaginations to what we would like in our own home.

Not sure what to personally think of him, or how he moves me in any artful direction :)

Good, and pure days ahead of you creating all you create


Burlap Luxe said...

Ps. Of course one might not find my salvage typography LOVE sign art in itself either!


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Someone who can make art from vacuum cleaners has got to be one that I can admire...enjoyed the very unique and beautiful art!!

Mark Leombruni said...

Great blog I enjooyed reading

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