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2013 Designer and Artists Series Featuring:Applegate Tran Interiors

Introducing Applegate -Tran Interiors
Applegate Tran interview for Art by Karena
About Applegate Tran

"Interior design team Applegate Tran are headquartered in San Francisco and have clients throughout the USA and internationally as well. Their work is modern and comfortable and while they design entire houses they have a special focus in kitchens and bathrooms. Gio Tran, one half of the team is set to become the next president of the ASID California Chapter in 2014. Gio is also an accomplished and sought after fine artist. The team are part owners of the Poliform showroom in San Francisco and they have a new lighting line in collaboration with David Alexander Lighting which is represented at Sloan Miyasato."

Thank you Vernon and Gioi for participating in this fascinating conversation!

1)      Could you both comment on your backgrounds and how you became interested in Interior Design as a calling?

Vernon- My love for building things from a young age was a natural progression into designing homes. 

Gioi-  While pursuing my fine art I also started studied dance. I started out in classical ballet training and then expanded to modern, jazz and ballroom dance theatre. I danced professionally for a number of years with pre professional ballet companies and modern theatre dance companies touring the US. My love for the arts extended into Interior Design quite effortlessly.  

2)     When did you both decide to team up ( and it is a great team of varied strengths)

15 years ago when we met we knew instantly it would be a match personally and professionally.  We saw the different strengths and weaknesses between the 2 of us to balance out the team.  At the same time we were on the same page in our projection for our future for short term and long-term visions.  

3)     Where do you find inspiration and how would you describe your design aesthetic?

Gio :
We both have different approaches in our design and aesthetics.  Vernon came from an architectural background and I came from an artist background.  However our strengths or what we liked to do most is totally opposites of our background.  You think as an artist I would gravitate to the decorative aspects of design with emphasize on furniture, textiles and color but instead I love designing from architectural details and overall visions in term of space, layout and architectural details.  My partner Vernon came from an architectural background yet his passions are in layering of interesting patterns and color in his design.  
My approach is more simple and clean lines.  Vernon on the other hand is very interested and great at more Avant Garde approach and quite eclectic in his approach in mixing all different genre of designs. And he does it brilliantly.

4)     Who are some designers, artists or mentors who you admire and have been motivating?

Artists and designers that over time evolve and reinterpreted their voice are most interesting.  The one thing we found that is the most inspiring aspect influencing our work is traveling.   

5)     Tell us about important elements you must have in your projects?

Of course we are creative in our approaches in design but the one element that we always stays true is incorporating good taste to every aspects of our design.  Unfortunately good tastes or designs mean different things to different clients.  So one way to measure it to go back to basics sometime making sure that the scale and proportion works.  Regardless the genre or styles of a piece Another way to measure good taste is whether the pieces are timeless and can hold interest and importance over the years. 

6)     I know that Gioi is an artist and I love his work. Does it work its way into some of the homes you design? How important is art in your design completion?

Over the years I have incorporated my art in my design since I get to know the client's taste and the overall visions of the design.  I sometime incorporate a piece in my collections for the gallery but would do one that fits the space from sizes and color combinations.  Sometimes we just cannot find an artist or a piece that work for the client in term of styles, color, size or budget so on many occasions I would do a one of a kind piece for a client just to meet their tastes.

It is so imperative to have good or interesting art for the overall design since it adds that level of finishing details. 

7)     Part of your expertise is your Furniture Line. Absolutely remarkable. Please tell our readers how you went in this direction.

Over the years we were designing custom pieces for our clients and that led into a natural progression to extend it to a collection for the design community.  

8)  You also have a new lighting line that is very interesting; would you tell us about it?

Like the furniture line we started collaborating with our clients and our fabricator David Alexander Lighting on custom pieces and over the years thought why not offer it to the public.  Lighting is a lot more technical so it took a little longer to conceptualize and execute the collections.  We are currently represented in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas but will extend to NY and Miami.

Also we noticed that there weren't any lighting collections that have simple yet elegant forms that incorporated LED technologies.   We kept the streamlines that play with metal and formed glass in an architectural ways.  

9)     Lastly please offer some words of advice to the beginning Interior Designer, Furniture Designer or Artist?

You need to have a clear vision that reflects you who you are as a designer and a business owner.  Be clear about your voice in the industry and keep that in mind even if you are working for someone else. Business and product development is what you dream.

You may reach  Applegate Tran Interiors 
Tel: 415-487-1241 
Fax: 415-934-1817 

Thank you to all of my readers and followers who support the arts!

Thank you to Gwen with GHT Communications !

To Teresa of Splendid Sass and Love Feast Table, I adore the velvet pumpkins

Art by Karena


Glamour Drops said...

dancing as a basis for design....i rather like that inspiration!!

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I can never fault anyone who opts for such graceful curves in their furniture!

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Love the edgy design! Thanks for sharing!!
Have a great weekend!

Heather Robinson said...

As always, thank you for sharing the insights behind what makes this talented duo tick.
Bon Weekend!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Beautiful interiors and Gioi's artwork is stunning!
Love that they get much of their inspiration from traveling...great interview!

La Petite Gallery said...

Their work is very nice.
For me, I like it for commercial purposes. Could never be comfortable
with that look at home. That's just me. like I said, the work is good.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Thank you for sharing.
Love the art and the graceful lines in teh furniture.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I learn so so much from you! xo

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There is so much to learn from how others live and play. Great interviews!

Karena said...

Thank you all!
2013 Designer & Artists Series

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Hi Karena, Super interview. I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS and aesthetics. Sending love,

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What an inspiring duo!

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Interesting! Thanks for sharing! I'm always learning something here!

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Wonderful interview! Traveling does influence our we see things and allows us to evolve:) Beautiful color and design. Thanks Karena!

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quite interesting and contemporary

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Karena dear-what a fascinating post! These 2 are such style inspirations. I want to pin every photo. I appreciate hearing about local designers (Northern Cal) and this is a must see. Great post!
xx, Heather

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