Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Introducing Sigal Sasson of Rug-Art International

Allow me to introduce you to Sigal Sasson. She is one of the most talented women I know of.

Sigal Sasson is the designer and co-owner of RUG-ART. If you are in the market for a rug for yourself or a client you must visit the website for Rug-Art.

Her company is represented in showrooms nationwide and internationally. They offer most sizes and also completely customized rug options for clients. These designs are in  many  gorgeous residences as well as luxury hotels around the world.

She is the youngest of eleven children and her heritage has strong Moroccan roots. Sigal is a multi-talented artist, scientific illustrator, Venetian plasterer, photographer, interior designer, artistic cook, recipe inventor, wife and mother. 

In addition she volunteers at a local public school with no arts programs and teaches art to the students. She considers this an honor as she is sharing her knowledge with young minds hungry for knowledge. 

When you visit her websites and blogs you will see the passion she has for her designs for RUG-ART, her own artwork,  superb recipes and photography of food, travel, and  inspirations.

  1)  Sigal, would you take us back to when it all began? I understand you have a very gifted family. Where did you spend most of your childhood?

Thanks. I grew up in Israel, the youngest of eleven brothers and sisters, large family with strong Moroccan roots. Most of the time I spend my childhood with my parents whom I learned from a lot, watching my father at work designing and making women shoes with his own hands, or watching my mom cook or help her in the kitchen, something I wasn't always happy to do but I learned a lot. she would whip up scrumptious meals for the whole family in no time and the amazing thing was, that it looked effortless every time, much the same way she would design and re-decorate the house. Or traveling with my family, we would go camping quite a lot and I think as a child I have slept in tents more than any one else I know.


2)      Tell us about your passions for art, food & design?

I'm a woman of many moods. My passions are all connected and one is an extension of the other. I recall watching my mom, as a child, re-arranging and re-decorating our house quite often so it opened my eyes to this new world, I would do the same in my own room.  I even built my own desk and hutch from scraps of wood I found in my parents backyard, I was only nine. I love drawing, there's something soulful about pencil sketches and as a child my dad would load my room with art supplies to keep me busy. Designing rugs and carpets is like a breath of fresh air when I'm in my studio. I design, sketch, draw, paint, color, photograph. It's about the process and discoveries that come along the way through my travels, inspirations, personal experience and being surrounded by creative and supportive people. Food is no different. It should leave a good taste not only in your mouth but in your experience. I cook because I love to entertain and create unforgettable dinner experience with my own two hands and music always gets me going. I love doing all of these, it  feed my soul and being able to express all that personally and professionally is a blessing. There isn't a dull moment. 

Hello Gorgeous
3)When I gaze at your rug designs I am so enthralled with their beauty and the process of weaving them. What do you think makes them so distinctive? Who is your customer?
Thank you. Every design in our collection has a story and I focus on designing each rug like it was a work of art to be viewed by the world. They convey adventurous contemporary artistic vibe, layered textures and unusual color combinations, sometimes based on my personal experience and feelings. Our rugs are created from the bottom up in the process of weaving and from a design point of view. i like to coordinate the design with the weaving technique to enable us to produce an unusual piece for the floor or to hang on a wall. I love to design rugs for clients, they have the power to make a room sing. I suggest my clients to design a room from the ground up because it's a good source to pull color from, texture, mood, the  difference it can make in a space is astounding. We work side by side with our skilled adult weavers, I admire them for their patience and dedication. We work with countless Interior designers and architects here and abroad, as well as high profile TV personalities, customers know that when they look for high quality rugs with socially responsible construction, gorgeous designs and dedicated team approach, they come to RUG ART International to find the rug for them


4) You and your husband Vidal Sasson are both married and partners in the Rugart International. This has been a very successful venture, with designs, sizes, and materials made to a customer’s desire. 

Vidal and I are working together since the day we arrived to the United States, twenty something years ago and sometimes it's not a walk in the park, but we know each other well, we both have strong personalities and respect each other's knowledge and experience, which contribute to the company's success. We specialize in custom design and our rugs are made to order. Collaborating with a client and customizing a rug from scratch is one of our favorite things to work on, after all, it's an integral part of interior design and product development, we love to take part in the process. The opportunity to customize a rug for a client is refreshing, it's the ultimate way to define a space. We listen to the client, get to know him or her, brain storm ideas, try out sketches, colors and fibers and brew one-of-a kind design that results in a perfect rug for the perfect owner. It's a creative and rewarding process we all enjoy doing including the client. 
You can check our re-designed website here www.rug-art.net


5)      As an artist, what is your genre and methodology? Does your art inspire your unique rug designs or where do you find inspiration?

I love chic, contemporary, feminine, sometimes bold mixed with vintage. Most times inspiration comes easy but to keep details from getting lost i keep a "what if" notes about an idea when it pops, or sometimes i make lots of revisions. i draw sketches, take a photo and mark what draws my eye. I take my time and keep myself loose, I make a mess, I listen to my instincts and my music. Some of the art I make inspire my rug designs and some inspirations come "from the back door", for example, I could paint a portrait of a beautiful maid, like my oil painting "girl with a pearl earring", which made me think about its origin (a.k.a Amsterdam), which led me wonder about Amsterdam being famous for its magnificent flowers. Those thoughts inspired me to come up with a new line for my botanical rug designs. The process surprises me sometimes.  www.sigalsasson.com  (blog)


6)      Your site “Sense of Hummus” is also incredible. You share scrumptious recipes; take us through your kitchen remodel and much, much more. Sigal, how DO you do it all? 

I keep a framed quote in my powder room that says: "We don't stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing". My passions keep me going because I get a lot of joy doing them, I breath my passions, they become play. If I think everything I do is a chore I'll never be happy. I can work in my studio for 8 or so hours, think of a new recipe and plan to cook the same evening, including shots, then plan what to write about it, while still figuring out what will be my next painting subject, not to mention taking care of the house and kids and volunteer, you know, life. It's how my mind rolls I can't help it. I know it's a lot that sometimes I feel like a renaissance woman.
my food blog: http://sigalsasson.wordpress.com/


7)      Who has inspired or mentored you to move forward and do all of these incredible things.  

I want to give credit to my husband Vidal, who supports and encourages me to pursue my passions since day one. Still, sometimes he still treats me like I just started but it's a good thing.

My mother, who raised eleven children, kept us clean and well dressed, worked full time and still managed to look like a super model. I have no excuses. 

Agadir Jute

8) What is next for Sigal? Do you have a special project in the works?

Our NY showroom is expanding and we are thrilled about that. Customers can come and wash their eyes with all of our rugs and designs on display and lots of new samples and patterns. I'm beginning to work on a book that will feature my work like rugs, designs, inspiration, art. It's going to be fantastic I can't wait. There are good things happening this year that it's a little overwhelming, but it's all good and can't wait to share it when time comes.

Sigal I will be so excited for your new book project to come to fruition and would love to review it!

Calabasas Rug Illustration.

Datura Scientific Illustration

8) Lastly, Sigal what words of advice do you have for the beginning entrepreneur?

Don't be afraid to pursue your passions. Go for it with everything you've got.

Thank you so much Sigal for participating in The 2013 Artists and Entrepreneurs Series

The Links for Sigal's Wonderful Sites are:
Rug-Art International
La Maison106-Design-Art-Home   
Sense of Hummus for all of you Foodies, yummy recipes and blog

Dear Friends and Followers
Thank you for supporting the Arts
Please leave a message for this most inspiring woman, Sigal Sasson!

Art by Karena

Images Courtesy of Sigal Sasson


Paisley Curtain said...

Wow! I had no idea you can weave rugs with abstract designs too. Thanks once again to you, now we know :)
These rugs are beautiful, but I still prefer the timeless traditional design Persian rugs :)

Best wishes

Thehouseofhampton said...

What a great educational post! I'm in the flooring industry and it is amazing to see such magnificent art enter into our homes.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

WOW! So many gorgeous rugs! Who wouldn't want one of these underneath their feet?
Happy Tuesday, Karena.

YONKS said...

True artisan work which I fear is a dying breed.

Woodside Park said...

Such beautiful rugs! They should be hung as artwork on walls. I look forward to visiting Sigal's NY showroom. And also her future book.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

These rugs are truly works of art! So happy you introduced me to this new-to-me artist! xo

Decor To Adore said...

Glow and Kiss absolutely take my breath away! True talent indeed.

Mise said...

How energetic and imaginative she is! Rug-making is a lovely artform.

Kalkyinterior said...

Hey, nice post...love the way you have presented the whole story...it's
always good to read and get to know quality stuff...
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Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Such beautiful, interesting work! Thanks for sharing!

therelishedroost said...

OOh lovely! The patterns and colors are great!
xo Karolyn

Burlap Luxe said...

Karena, you my dear cover a wide arrange of art and talent. When I see or read artist at work my mind goes to this place of ummm! I now want to make it...makes me want to sit down now and work up a pattern and create a rug :)
I guess that's why back in the 70's everyone way hook rugging. I wanted to do that as well, but darn just not enough time to relate everything.

These rugs are amazing!

Karena, I hope and pray that all the days ahead of you are of health and inspiration; God so wants for us.
How do you do it girl? So much planning and creating to put on such an amazing array of talent over here, it takes so much time to think up what you want to say in a post let alone photos and to be so on it with regular postings never boring us.

Thank you Karena, for always making my day feel complete with special visits from you that joy my heart.
You are a sweet dear friend.

See you soon beautiful!
A September filled with dreams of beauty added to your life.


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Thank you for the history lesson. It's amazing what they can do. Such great patterns and colors. xo Linda

French Basketeer.com said...

The rugs are all beautiful, true works of art....and I love Sigal's food blog too, she is very talented! I look forward to your Artist Series so much, Karena, always wonderful inspiration~

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful and unique works of art. Love Karena how you feature such interesting and creative forces at work!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH MY! My favorite one is POET! Karena, isn't it amazing what people can do? This type of art requires a tedious patience and a tenacious spirit...thank you for always highlighting peoples' passions!!

And I thank you for coming to visit me. I am thinking about stopping my blog, for several reasons, but KIND PEOPLE like you are the reason why I continue. My creative energies are waning at the moment, but the community amongst us is so strong and rich, I can never stop. Thank you for everything. Anita

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

What a rare gem in the Western world - an art form that is seldom seen. Sigal is an inspiring and talented women......... and so are your posts. Bisous

Anonymous said...

These are Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Thank you SO much for sharing - I am so happy to know about them!!
xo Stacy

designchic said...

What a wonderful and informative interview...gorgeous rugs!!

cindy hattersley design said...

Wow fabulous designs! Thank you so much Karena for providing us with yet another fascinating artisan!

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