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Artist Series 2012 Sculptor Reilly Hoffman

  • Schramacus Abalonius
As part of my Artist 2012 Series I want to Introduce Sculptor Reilly Hoffman

1)      When did you become interested in creating art?

  I have been interested in art and processes for making things for as long as I can remember. My first notable experience happened at age nine while touring a small foundry of an Arkansas sculptor. I watched the molten bronze get poured into the sand molds and I remember being enamored by the glow of the molten metal.

Steel Feathers

2)     Tell me about your decision to work with metals and your methodology.

  My interest in metal came from that first experience in the foundry as a child. This developed into an exploration of metals and processes after working in that foundry for a time. Later on while in school, I started using steel to fabricate forms using conventional welding processes.  The satisfaction of building the forms directly from the ground up was satisfying in contrast to the translation of wax into bronze as in casting.  In regard to steel as a sculptural medium, 

I felt like most of the building processes that are so common in contemporary steel sculpture did not exploit the potential of steel as a medium and I wanted to find a way to actually sculpt my material in a process that was intrinsic to the properties of of the metal. Through much experimentation and research into archaic metal working techniques a method of carving intense texture was developed that takes steel and treats it more like a piece of stone or clay rather than the structural shape steel is typically extruded in.


 3)     What inspires your work? I also see you have sculptures from very large scale to small in size.

Much of the work is inspired by the desire to create objects that reference nature, but not to replicate it directly. The work is often inspired by ancient texts that reference shapes, objects and ideas that span cultural and geographic barriers that invoke a sense of community and universality. In regards to the scale of the pieces, I like a thought that Albert Paley expressed about scale that irregardless of size that work should treated with the thoughtfulness and delicacy the is required for a piece of jewelry.

  • Alms Matara  a collaboration: Kelly Dickens & Reilly Hoffman
 4)     Who are your mentors in the art world?
There have been many people that have contributed to my growth as a person and a sculptor in this city and if any point can be expressed about this growth. It is that artists cannot exist without the support of their environment. Some notable people in my development would be Ursula Von Rydingsvard and Bill Zahner of Zahner Metal in Kansas City. 

Another contribution to my growth over the last year is my collaboration with artist Kelly Dickens. We have combined our individual knowledge and skill sets to create such things like the current Alms Matara show in The Crossroads district of Kansas City. Fortunately, Kelly has an equally esoteric wealth of knowledge in ancient practices but in areas like theatre technology and scene design. All this aids us in having a holistic approach in our collaborations.

Alms Matara in Reilly Hoffman in collaboration with Kelly Dickens Current Exhibit at The Todd Weiner Gallery

 5) I loved viewing your sketchbook (on Reilly's website) . Do your drawings come from images you have seen or your imagination?

 Most of the drawings that have been done reference things that I may have seen, but they are typically done without direct subject matter. Drawing for me as it is for many others is an exercise for the hand, eye, and mind to connect.

St Lukes Hospital Installation

 6)     Where do you show your art and do you have any exhibits scheduled in the near future?

 As mentioned above, Kelly and I are currently have an exhibition at the Todd Weiner Gallery that closes on March 31st. We currently have some commissions at various stages of completion. One public commission is an 11 foot sculpture that will be installed this May as Park Place in Leawood, KS. We are currently building a new website to showcase our collaborative works and illustrate many of the ancient processes that we employ to create our work.
Padma Theosis

 7)     What  advice do you have for aspiring artists of any age?

The best advice I can advocate to anyone is to find creativity in everything you do and be willing to take risks with ideas or techniques. I would also suggest collaborating with people in and outside the the art world. Don’t be afraid to seek out knowledgeable people as we rely on the knowledge and skill of many craftspeople to make our creations. Lastly, don’t be afraid to work really hard.

Reilly thank you so much for the  interview for Artist Series 2012...visit Reilly's website & find much more images and information at Reilly Hoffman

Photography by Matt Nichols and Kelly Dickens

I truly appreciate the interest in my 2012 Artists Series, You know that comments are very much appreciated!

Art by Karena

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those are so very wonderful. donna

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Une très belle conversation...
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Heather Robinson said...

Karena, this is my favorite of your amazing series so far--please, please keep them coming.

I find the work so beautiful and inspiring and the process behind as solid as the metal they are made of.

Merci et bon weekend!


Simply LKJ said...

So enjoyed viewing his masterpieces. The detail is incredible. Hope you are doing well my friend!

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Thank you for sharing such talented artist! This work is gorgeous. I love sculpture! So expressive of a person.
Happy Saturday.

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Beautiful Karena,

THANK YOU for visiting and leaving me sweet words about my post. AND thank you for inviting me to this wonderful post that I NEEDED TO SEE. First of all, the art is magnificent. I LOVE THOSE STEEL FEATHERS! AND.......the message that this last artist gave was JUST FOR ME. After much consideration, I am preparing to venture out even further with my novice art skills and I am going to be taking a HUGE risk tomorrow, on Monday. I will be doing something related to my arts and what this artist said about collaborating with other artists and not being afraid to work hard is a word just for me today, as I face making a HUGE change in my life.

THANK YOU for this lovely post that is reminding me of what is ahead for me. Anita

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I'm really drawn to that first piece and those steel feathers are amazing! Thank you for sharing this fabulous artist!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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Oooohhhh I'm so excited - will email you.

YONKS said...

PS: love the steel feathers. They remind me of some bronze brooches I have had in the past dating from the 1930s. Have a look

Renée Finberg said...

the first one and the hospital installation are my faves.

amazing really!!


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How cool?! I love the feathers!! xo

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Oh I like the feathers. Wouldn't they look lovely sitting on top of a writing desk?

Callie Grayson said...

I am really into feathers lately. I collect them on my walks in the woods. I have a few jewelry pieces that I love wearing with metal feathers so those caught my eye.

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I always feel a little more cultured in a fun way after a visit to your place.

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karena, you are so correct, this is one fabulous artist, i too love all the textures and the steel feathers
have a stellar week!

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Beautiful work - fabulous celebration of nature in these monolithic forms!! Great quote "find creativity in everything you do and be willing to take risks with ideas or techniques"!! Thank you Karena!

Ann said...

Wonderful interview...

thanks again for introducing me to another talented artist.

Glamour Drops said...

Oh my goodness this is something else. The detail on each piece is fabulous. And they have a rather nice masculine feel to them, perhaps from the process involved? Absolutely love them! Just imagine how much atmosphere and interest they would create in a living room space? xx

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

I adore sculpture - it's such a versatile art form ...... tactile..... I was struck by the number and variety of public and private sculptures in Switzerland when I first visited. Reilly Hoffman's work with metal is impressive. Thank you for introducing him...........a great post Karena.

La Petite Gallery said...

Corax would be my choice. Absolutly
fantastic Artist. That was a great interview Karena.

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Very interesting post. I am always fascinated by the sculptors, love Mr. Hoffman's work. On my next visit to Kansas City would love to see some of his sculptures.

Best wishes

Mary Anne said...

So happy I stopped by. His work is amazing. I believe a sculptor has the most difficult journey as he creates. Turning steel into art from a blob of nothing is short of insanity. I could never do what they do and Reilly does it so well. My favorite are those feathers.

Mary Anne

The enchanted home said...

Karena, what a wonderful talent! I am always in awe of the God given talent that some people have been blessed with..thanks for highlighting it!

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These are such wonderful pieces of art. I really enjoy going through your blog and posts. I am glad that I stopped by.


Simply beautiful Karena! Thank you for sharing these lovely works with us!


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awesome works! i'm dumbfounded!

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Wonderful interview!


Karen, I am loving this series, with each artist story.

Barbara von Enger said...

Excellent advise from an artist for younger artists: Find creativity in everything one does.

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Love Hoffman's organic forms. Thanks for the great interview and for your sweet comments, Karen! xx

pve design said...

I admire all artists and all the variety of mediums in which one can express themselves and make other stop and look. Sculpture has always impressed me -
You must take at look at the work of Malcolm MacDougal who is a young and up and coming sculptor to watch. His work is monolithic.
Hoffman's works are truly stunning.

LaPouyette said...

Just love these sculptures! They are brilliant!
Thank you for posting them!
And thanks for your lovely comment, Karena!

Greetings from the Perigord,

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Thanks so much for your inspiring comments on my blog. These scultures are beyond beautiful I especially love the feathers! Wow!
Have a great day!

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Beautiful post! I LOVE the Steel Feathers! :)

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I meant to pop over and read this the other day. I'm so glad I didn't let it slip through the cracks. Beautiful pieces. I am in love love with the feathers.

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The feathers are so pretty and your blog is like an art class! Have a great weekend!

Ivy Clad said...

Fabulous thought -- finding creativity in everything we do. I think that must feed the human spirit!


Francine Gardner said...

This is an amazing post. i am bookmarking it for reference. I love the steel feathers, the wall sculptures. You have such a great eye and i feel very privileged that you introduce us to such talented artists. thank you

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What an inspirational interview! Thanks for introducing us to all of these different artists.


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What an amazing talent! Love the first picture so much!
thank you for sharing with us...

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Amazingly talented sculptor...magnificent pieces...!!

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The feathers are so pretty and your blog is like an art class! Have a great weekend! -Shelley

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