Friday, November 7, 2008

Autumn Tulips

Featuring my Autumn Tulips painting in the Dining Room of my condominium. I have not decided on a Larson Juhl frame for this yet,maybe a floater design. Steve, any suggestions?
Like one of my mentors, Eddie Ross In NYC, I have the challenge of making a small space look invitingly lovely. I did not do a table setting, because I usually do not have it set during normal living hours! Next time for the holiday's entertaining, I will have the china & vintage crystal, the works out for you! I could have dimmed the lights a bit on this image as well!


Steve McKenzie said...

I think the tulips are lovely and I agree a float frame would be perfect. Maybe the new maple float from our Cranbrook collection, kind of minimal and yet the natural maple edge would set off the work nicely. Keep me posted on what you do.

Karena said...

Thank you Steve, I will let you know. Good to see you having fun on the NYC social scene!

Anonymous said...


You're the sweetest. So glad to see you connected with Steve. He's our favorite!

Love your work too...especially those serene landscapes with the horizon lines!

Thanks for reading!


Karena said...

Eddie, Thank you! Your support of my art means the world to me!

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