Sunday, September 28, 2008

Never Ending Thankfulness

The source of my inspiration is just endless. My friend Ed surprised me with a new red Nikon Cool Pix for my birthday. Now I can take images of my art works. ( and many other photos) My sister Susan who as a single mother works two jobs to help my nieces Gretchen and Erin obtain their college degree. Many other artists and gallery owners in the community that have given me rave reviews! My friend Larry and his beautiful new wife Ty who came to my latest opening! Denise, who is one of the smartest women I know and with a huge heart always open! Thank you! Thank you! I will be giving credit in future posts to many others who have stayed by my side through all the great times and the rough times.


Petunia said...

Karen ~~ Love what you've done so far with your new blog! I love to look at artwork, so my suggestion would be to post as much of it as you can for us to see. We love eye candy, and your art is just beautiful. I personally think that putting the google ads on one's blog may be a turn-off for some readers, and it really doesn't pay enough to be worth it. That's just my two cents! Welcome to blogger! :-)

Karena said...

Thank you for the comments and I think you are right about the ads...I am currently working on some new abstracts with metalics and it has been a lot of fun!

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