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Artist Series 2012 Segreto Finishes and Book Giveaway

Introducing Leslie Sinclair the founder of Segreto Finishes

Leslie lives by the philosophy that upon entering a room, your eyes should not draw a distinction to one element or finish but should see the surroundings as a whole. By developing a palette that complements a home’s architecture and design, surroundings are given a new perspective.

Gilded Sideboard

Leslie, Tell us about how and when it all began… Segreto Finishes.

 I use to run a computer company and after my third was born I really wanted to leave corporate America.  I have always loved to paint and have a passion for home interiors. I just started playing around in my hallway and it grew from there.  My family jokes that I have so many layers in that hall of paint that it has shrunk by 3 feet.

Plaster Finish Foyer

As your business evolved I noticed you went into other areas, for example Art, Decorative Painted Furniture, was that a natural evolution?  

 I think I must get bored easily because I love delving into different areas.  It has been so much fun for me to learn teach and implement so many different things. 

Wall Painting

Gorgeous Cabinet Finish with Contrasting Back of Shelves

 Do you have specialty artists on staff for one area of design or finish? How did you acquire these very talented artisans?

I have a 25 full time employees.  I tend to hire good people who are quick learners with a great work ethic and a good attitude.  I teach and train them from there.  I do have a few key people who have come to me more knowledgeable in certain areas that I was. It has been so fun learning from them as well.

Golden Gilt Leaf Finish

 Segreto has grown exponentially, to what do you attribute that?

I think great customer service is key, being on time and on schedule, and truly appreciating the opportunity to make someone’s home more special.

Decorative Ceiling Motif  with with a fabulous Lantern
Your book is one of the most popular among designers, the Images are exquisite! When did writing the book become a reality? 

Thank you!!  It took me about 3 years to photograph and about a year to do the writing and graphic design. 

Are there others in the field that you admire or have been mentors?

I admire much especially the old plasters and  cabinet finishes done centuries before. Love to learn how these techniques have been handed down.  There are so many people in the industry with so much talent. 

Powder Room Wall Art

 Leslie thank you so much for this enlightening Interview and Feature of Segreto Finishes!

 Thank you so much for interviewing me. The book can be purchased on amazon or my website Segreto Finishes.

Segreto Finishes has been featured in many of our favorite Shelter Magazines! Just look at this cover!

Enter to win the incredible book Segreto...Secrets to  Finishing Beautiful Interiors.  Value of  $85 . This Giveaway is open To USA Residents only.

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Art by Karena 

Disclosure: Leslie is sending me one of her books, Segreto,  Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors! 
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