Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keep Pushing On

I know it is the time of year, or so I keep saying. Days of I cannot do one more thing. I have pushed and pushed. I need some sunshine and heat. I miss taking art classes and going to Open Studio, as there is such a synergy of working with other artists. I call this painting Ode to Helen, Helen Frankenthaler, born in 1928, a woman definitely ahead of her time. An American abstract expressionist, she expressed herself as a color field painter. She had great admiration for Hans Hoffman and Jackson Pollock. She later married fellow artist Robert Motherwell.

If you love art as I do, look up some of her art, Pollocks, Motherwell's, and Hoffman's works. Of course don't forget Albers, de Kooning and Rothko. I think you will be amazed at the saturation and intensity of these greatest of the great in a very important movement in the arts.
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