Thursday, July 9, 2009

Golden Sunset in a Stormy Sea

This painting came together in a way I just loved! Most of it is in palette knife technique The golden section of the sky is in brushing. It is a small size, however I am looking at it and I think I want to create it in a larger work of art in a similar vein. What do you think?


Debra said...

What do I think??? I think I love it! This painting reminds me of the dark sea-just before a storm- I've seen this very thing at the Cape. Really stunning Karen.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Gorgeous. What a wonderful color combination. You really captured it!

Maria Killam said...

Of course I would love this one with my favourite colour in it!
Great painting!

Karena said...

Thanks to all, Maria, I took your cue, from the up and coming color palettes which are already my favorite tones!

La Maison Fou said...

Love the color combinations! Oh so pretty!
Nice looking, and I can feel the sky moving!

Vitania said...

I love this - and I especially love a golden sky !!


Karena said...

Beautiful site, Vitania, I love your style!

Karena said...

Leslie, I loved the feeling of this one and the movement!

soodie :: said...

Karena, I can see this painted huge -- expanding almost an entire wall.

Maria Killam said...

Here I am back to gaze on this one! Love it! It'll work well with a lot of interiors that will soon be these hot colours!

Patricia Gray said...

Hi Karena
Love the colors and the mood in this piece of artwork. Large scale canvases seem to be all the rage now. You have you finger on the pulse.
Kind Regards

Maria Killam said...

You won my giveaway, can you send me the address I should send it to?

Karena said...

Thank you Maria, how exciting!!

annechovie said...

Go for it, Karen. I am loving the look and technique. Have a super week!

Maria Killam said...

Your umbrella is on it's way (as of yesterday), hope you like it!

Things That Inspire said...

I can really see your technique maturing - this is one of your best ones yet! How do you have time for it all - painting, blogging, commenting on blogs, and working?

Kotori said...

I love the color combination and the way the colors blend into one another. Beautiful!

Arianna Belle said...

Beautiful -I love the use of color!

Michelle said...

I love this feel. Whatever you are doing...keep doing it!!

I am also loving large scale pieces...definately do it.

Love your work! Actually, I have been following your blog for a while now through Patricia.


Karena said...

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments, I love this style and it really came together the way I envisioned it. Love to all of my faithful followers, I adore getting comments!

Cristin said...

It's lovely! My grandmother was an artist and my oldest (almost 7) says she "is" and artist. I'll have to show her your amazing work.

Thanks too for dropping by my blog.

Marija said...

This is really quite beautiful. I'm glad I came across it (via linkwithiin). I'll eagerly check back to follow your work. I am a gray landscape sort of girl and this really caught me eye. Wonderful work. Marija

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