Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Friday Art Exhibit to Benefit Animal Haven KC

I am excited to announce that June's First Friday Art Exhibit at The Winged Scarab Art Center will benefit Animal Haven KC .It is such a worthwhile cause and a portion of my sales will go directly to them. Click on the link to learn more about this wonderful shelter.

I have a new series of art works from 12 x 12 to 72 x 60. It will be great art, fun, music, and refreshments. The hours will be from 5:30-9:00 pm. The Winged Scarab is located at 1417 W 11th Street, Kansas City MO 64101. Call me for details at 913-663-4284.

Oh refreshments will be served and dogs will be at the event available for adoption pets!


Debra said...

What a worthwhile cause Karena. I wish I were closer and could attend these exhibits- but I do like hearing about them. This latest piece is very interesting-I wonder- do you name your paintings?

Karena said...

Hi Debra, thank you so much1 I do not always name my paintings. I will have a couple of others to post soon that are called Full Circle and New Directions II.Fabrics and patterns have been my inspiration lately, and then my mind takes off running every which way!

soodie :: said...

Karena, I am desperately going to try to attend. I will be out of town returning that day. What a great cause you are involved in! (My westie is a rescue who was on the kill list). And what a great painting you've featured! I am going to do my absolute best to be there.

Karena said...

Thanks Soodie! I know so many people who have rescued their beloved pets! I also plan to do a drawing for a painting giveaway prize.

annechovie said...

Great Cause, Karen. Hope there is a huge turnout! Happy M. Day!

pve design said...

Tied to a cause is always wonderful!
I think this would make a fun scarf!

Pigtown-Design said...

As the "mom" of a rescued Lab, I wish I could be there!

Ann said...

Props to you Karena for giving to a worthy cause, your artworks look so nice you will not have any problems selling them. Goodluck:)

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Great cause and wonderful work. I love the movement in this.

Maria Killam said...

I love those colours together! Good luck with the exhibition!

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