Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Holiday in Reds

I wanted to complete this work of art before Christmas to post as an inspiration for the New Year. It may get another glaze or two, I was excited to create because of my mood, and as I have a few art exhibits lined up for 2009. While typing this post, a FedEx package arrived. I opened it and found a congratulations letter from my new employer. I could not ask for a better gift. Except of course having my family and friends near & dear to my heart.

Wishing all a wonderful holiday & all the best in the year ahead.


David said...

I like this. The line is a bit harder than past paintings. The graphic quality is great.

And congratulations on your new job!

Karena said...

Thanks David, I really appreciate your commwents!

annechovie said...

lovely painting and congratulations, Karen! Wonderful new on your new job - very happy for you! May this be your best Christmas ever!

Karena said...

Same to you Anne. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

pve design said...

There is nothing like a "jolt" of red during the holidays to feel the spirit. I really like this one. Looks modern and clean. it reminds me of some of my favorite painters. Congratulations on your art exhibits that are lined up for 2009.
Enjoy the last bits of 2008 with your family and friends.

Karena said...

Patricia, thanks so much. With so much happening at once, I am excited about the new year, yrt taking this week for calm & peace with family. Anything special on the horizon for you?

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Karena, I love this piece. I am working on a Rothko post and it reminds me of his work. Was he inspirational to you on this?

Karena said...

Laura, I can't wait to see your post. Yes, I love Rothko, Jasper Johns, Pollack, the list is so long, you can see what I mean though!

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