Monday, February 16, 2009

Golden Glow Giveaway

This is the painting I created for my new giveaway in honor of the friends who have given me support and encouragement. I am very excited to participate in the Kansas City Artists Coalition event this weekend. This event helps to promote artists and the arts in Kansas City.

Also please go and visit Simply Seleta for her insightful, exceptional inspiration; and her Fabulous Friday Giveaway.

I am posting early so everyone has a chance to read and reply. This is an original 12 x 12 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas.

To enter the contest for an opportunity to win:

1)Reply to this post on my art site with your thoughts......

2)Why you look forward to Fridays

3) Your favorite weekend plans

4) Do this by 10:00 CT this Sunday evening the 22nd

The Winning Entry will be drawn on Monday

Thank you for participating! I look forward to your comments.

It will be interesting to see how we all enjoy either playing, relaxing, or rejuvenating.


pve design said...

Oh - love this, it reminds me of water, which soothes me. I look forward to fridays, the end of the week and time to share it with family and friends. I usually have something fun planned or something to be thankful for and celebrate that! It could be the completion of a job or some small task completed. Friday, I use this time to file too.

Debra said...

This is beautiful- a reminder to look outward to what is possible- I love the shades. Fridays are special- the end of a week-a time to loose schedules and do the things that bring joy-small rewards- reading, a nap, a long soak in the tub- whatever makes you feel good.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Karen! As the others have said, the colors are so restful, and they'll also look well with a wide range of interior color schemes.

I look forward to Fridays because the weekends are the only time during the week that my partner and I get to see each other. Fridays are kind of the "end of the race" for us both each week, and the start of a rejuvenating weekend that refuels us both.

Mostly we like to just spend time at home alone together, sleeping in late, listening to music, lazing around in front of the fire, reading, puttering, and occasionally having lunch or dinner with friends or going to a concert or party. The catching up on work that we are both usually plagued with isn't either of our favorite aspects, but it's at least well-tempered by the rest.


Debra Janin said...

This speaks of serenity and balance to me. Truly lovely! Fridays...hmm. I work most weekends, so Fridays aren't necessarily 'Friday' -- but they are a time to wind down and kick back. Enjoy a less frenetic pace. I live in NYC, so there's less frenzy. And on the weekends, I love to find balance -- some work, some time with friends. And to remind myself to try to balance every day. Love to take long walks, seeing what's changed...seeing watching people. And not looking at a clock.


Karena said...

I love all of the comments so far and hope to see more over the weekend!

Maria Killam said...

Friday mornings I share a personal trainer with a good friend and then I try and take Friday afternoons off so I love Fridays. My favourite weekends mostly involve being with my family. Your art reminds me of summer.

Michelle said...

Beautiful painting- would create an amazing mood in an interior.

pve design said...

Did you see me leap for joy when I opened the box, just like a bit of Spring, your pretty pink wrapped painting brings a golden glow to my home.

Karena said...

Patricia, I hope that you enjoy it for many years to come!

Joyce said...

Patricia another wonderful piece for your home! I am very happy for you! Enjoy!!

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