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2013 Artists Series Featuring Patricia Van Essche

This logo may be familiar to many of you who know Patricia Van Essche of PVE Designs. Patricia is a talented artist who creates illustrations and works of art in a fun and whimsical manner.Her fresh and colorful art will makes you smile while making an impression you won't soon forget! 

Please enjoy some examples of Patricia's art and read our conversation below.

A commissioned work of art for the Holidays
1) How did your journey down the path of art begin? When did you realize your calling?

My journey down the path of art began at a young age.  Raised, one of seven children, my mother loved keeping us all busy and I think creating art was where I could easily keep myself busy.  Still to this day, I love creating art and keeping busy.  I never imagined that my own art would sustain me while raising my own family.
A Commissioned Pet Portrait
2) What kind of mentoring and encouragement did you have in your youth or adulthood?

I do think having a mentor and people around you to encourage one in any field is key.  My parents always helped to encourage me and sent me to a teacher when I was a teenager who told me to "do art" and forget all the rest.  I think to this day, those words have been validated.  Many artists have inspired me but the real key is in doing.

Patricia has recently renovated her hilltop home and she now has her own custom designed art studio with room to meet with current and new clients.

3) Are there other artists whose work you admire or that provide inspiration?

Inspiration is all around me and the internet does make it easy as an artist to share work.  I love nature, spending time with my family, friends and then seeing how the world is evolving.  Things seem less fussy and there is a more casual approach to living that I find inspiring.  After all the way we live, the way we look at life involves sort of an aesthetic lens.  

I think every artist can agree, our surroundings influence.  Sargent's work inspires me, Jean Cocteau and Cecil Beaton.  Each of them developed a strong and unique style.

A montage of J McLaughlin Store Illustrations
4) To follow up the last question; what does inspire you when you begin a work of art? 

I gather inspiration before I begin by doing research so that I have everything to look at and then before I actually begin, I see what I need to do or the finish of a work of art.  It all has to align in order to work itself out.  I think having inspiration is one thing, but having the goal of an ending or a finish line is very important.
5) Your style is very distinctive. How did it develop?

I saw you work for the very first time when I began blogging, and discovered Mrs. Blanding's, who lives right here in my hometown! Right there I saw you had created her site's header art!

That is the key, to find one's style and then feel comfortable in that style.  I was educated and trained and many of the studies involved copying other artists and learning about their styles.  Finding one's style is the key.  When you find it, you know it because it comes naturally.  I have always been a bit obsessed with lifestyle and loved all that goes with.  I worked for years in Fashion in New York and loved it and always had work or freelance work to keep me busy and in demand. 

I have been working on my own for 16 years now and many clients are repeat.  They love my style and I am so grateful to each of them.  Many I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.

Yes! I understand that you lived in Manhattan, traveled the world, as a designer and design director for Ralph Lauren,Calvin Klein  and Liz Claiborne brands.

6) Patricia, tell us about the other passions in your life? How does your spirituality affect your art?

Life.  Fresh Laundry. Hot coffee.  Dawn.  Sleep.  Good food.  Family.  Friends.  Quality.  Faith.

All of it affects my work.  I think spirituality does affect my art in a way that gives me hope to look forward to new tomorrows and know that life goes on.  

Loving what I do involves passion, work and faith.

 7) Lastly, please give some words of advice to the beginning artist of any age.

The best advice is to find gratitude each day.   Do what you love.  Perfect your craft.  Find your own style.  Try not to complain or create problems, be a part of your own solution and look for what makes you feel good.  I think good supplies and connecting with other artists is important too.  
Make it work.  Work at it.  Do it for 100 days and then ask yourself if you love it.  Also, telling yourself you are an "artist" and working at it is all the advice one really needs.  Take classes.  Study.  Travel.  

Patricia, thank you so much for participating in The 2013 Artists Series!

Please reach Patricia through her website PVE Design and be sure to read her very interesting PVE Design Blog

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Art by Karena

Images provided by PVE Design
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