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Featuring Tina from The Enchanted Home An Interview and Giveaway

Once in awhile a new blogger comes along who captures and inspires us through her lifelong  dream she is bringing to fruition. This is so with Tina of The Enchanted Home.

She has shared with us the phases of building her families dream home; the decisions, the dilemmas, the dramas! A woman with such superb taste that she then decided to open her own shop, with many of the exquisite items she loves and chose  for her new home! Her motto is "great style is always in fashion". "Trends come and go but the classics are here forever and part of the fun is reinventing the past!"
By the way, her prices are substantially below retail. 

Please enjoy my interview with Tina and then enter for a chance to win a sensual candle from her boutique !

Tina, Tell me about your early background/ Interior Design and where you feel your sense of style came from?
I had one year of interior design school (after college) but then got pregnant and got busy raising a family. Always had an interest since I was a young girl and was known to visit a relative, persuade them to spend a few hours on the other side of the house only to have me work my magic (or so I thought at 13) so they could come back to their newly redecorated space! Sometimes it was met with true delight other times, well, lets just say I was  reprimanded  and was ordered to immediately put everything back in its place :)

Fast forward to later in life ......was lucky enough to do some  interior design work which was well received and then started to do some freelance work as the kids started getting older. I am just about ready to jump back in (as soon as my own home is done, and that is definitely a major priority) I definitely got my sense of style from my mother who has excellent taste and always made it seem so effortless to create a wonderfully elegant home, that was spotless, beautiful and so inviting at the same time. I can only hope I am able to do the same!

Are there certain Interior Designers you admire or have as mentors?

Definitely love many but a few favorites offhand that come to mind are Charles Faudree, Cathy Kincaid, Bunny Williams, Ralph Lauren,Joe Minton ..these most closely emulate the style that I love.

 We have followed the building of your fabulous home from start to finish…how has that process and choices affected your genre and aesthetics? 

 Well the process certainly opened up  my eyes in a big way…because in my pursuit to learn as much as possible through the Internet, I discovered the world of blogging and needles to say being a part of that world and connecting with so many incredibly talented people has been the best virtual classroom I can imagine. I have been able to fine tune my own style, learn more about what I really love and have gotten countless of incredible ideas and inspirations in doing so. 

I think I have not swayed much in terms of style or what I like, but do think through this experience, its allowed me to crystallize the ideas and concepts which I had that maybe needed some fine tuning. Interestingly, I have files of pictures from many years ago and still am in love with so many of those images now as I was all those years ago. So...I have definitely stayed true to what I love but in building, researching and blogging, have come full circle and feel like i have a really good grasp on what I love and what works.

 What precipitated the opening of your amazing and unique shop? How do you decide what to buy for the boutique?

 So many people were always emailing me asking where I got various things I either bought or were considering…it seemed like a natural evolution for me to open up an online shop. In addition I always wanted my own design shop but also know how involved and demanding it is of ones time so this was the perfect happy medium and an excellent way for me to slowly get my feet wet again working in the design world. And I am having a ball! 

The only things I buy for my shop are things I either have or would put in my own home. It is a total and honest reflection of what I love and my personal style. I am always on the prowl for the next great thing, ideally something not easily or commonly found. I love hearing from my readers/customers and getting their take on things and hearing their suggestions.


 Is there advice you would give to 1) a friend building a new home/ starting out in design/ or opening an online boutique?

 Yes, be sure you have lots and lots of patience will need it. Add at least 15-20% more time and cost to whatever time estimates and price quotes you have in mind. I guarantee it will go over at least that. There is no such thing as too much research, the Internet makes this remarkably accessible so type away and keep on learning. Subscribe to at least 4 or 5 good design blogs that are in sync with your personal style. The daily posts will provide more inspiration than you can imagine. 

Stick to what you love and what makes you genuinely happy. Don't sacrifice, you will regret it later. Good things are worth waiting for…and even if it means spending more time looking or waiting for it to arrive…in the end you will be glad you did. 

One last tidbit, spend the most money you can out of your budget on the things that are either impossible to difficult to change later, windows, moldings, doors, facade details, you can always change the aesthetics but the bones of the house are what is going to give your home the character and personality that will make it yours.

Thanks Karen...this was a lot of fun to reflect on the process, what went on to bring about The Enchanted Home shop and has given me a chance to thank blog-land for giving me a gift back..that of being a vast classroom filled with so much knowledge and beautiful inspiration not to mention the many many wonderful and generous people!

 The Giveaway of this lovely scented candle is open to US and Canadian Followers!

 To Enter 

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Have fun browsing Tina's Shop! 

The winner will be chosen on May 15th Midnight EST

Spread the Love and Much Thanks for supporting our fellow Bloggers, Artists, Architects, Interior Designers and entrepreneurs!

The winner of the beautifully made Angel Wand by Anita, of Castles, Crowns and Cottages is Trino of  Atelier de Campagne


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